View Full Version : Any ADD'ers in Du Quoin, IL area?

07-29-06, 07:37 PM
I live just south of Du Quoin, IL. I am looking for a friend who has ADD just like me. I also have moderate bipolar disorder.

I like to swim, go fishing, ride my bike, shoot hoops at the basketball court, play video games, talk a lot, read, surf the net, make web pages, and have a good time. I also like to bowl, go to yard sales, flea markets, listen to oldies music, and play with my dog.

I am 31 years old but act and look much younger. I am very caring, funny, good hearted, and intelligent. I am single and lovin' it!

I am hoping that I can find someone with similiar interests to hang out with. I really want a close friend and soul mate. I would enjoy having someone to laugh with and have sleepovers with. WE can spend all night acting silly or talking about our deepest secrets and thoughts. I am great at making others laugh.

If not in my area, I would also like a pen pal. If interested send me a pm or email. THanx.