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Honda Shadow
08-02-06, 12:22 PM
This is very hard having add. not knowing what you are doing or if you're doing this correctly. Please help get me on the right page. Would like to know how and if I am the chat room. I did send message to tara. was received. She suggest go to support because I am listed with my name and location. All of you seem to have other identy names you go by. On thing the screen keeps saying go to the New Thread. I found it so I started typing. I'll send this and see what happens:confused:

08-02-06, 01:09 PM
If you look at the top of your screen there is a link that says: ADHD Forums - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Support and Information Resources Community ( you click this you will always go back to the listing of all the different forums.

Then go to New Member Introductions and introduce yourself.

08-02-06, 03:30 PM
If you're looking for the chat room it's under "Chat" right in the middle of the the header at the top of this page. Or you can follow this link (

Bear in mind you need to have Java installed because it is a Java-based chat which allows your browser to run little programs such as this. If you need that you'll find it if you follow this link ( Also bear in mind that there never seems to be anyone in there as far as I can tell.

Believe me when I tell you that I understand how you feel. You're confused and new here and there are so many different sections it can be a bit baffling. Just to clear things up, where we are here, right now, with you read this message is the Message Board. The Chat page is for live chatting similar to Instant Messenger type programs you perhaps are familiar with. The big difference is that you could be chatting with one or many people depending on who is in there.

I hope this clears things up a bit for you.