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08-04-06, 11:35 AM
I am a nonADD wife with an ADD/Depressed husband. We are in the early stages of treatment- meaning we have an 'official' diagnosis, assorted professionals for consult, and little effective direction. My husband tried ritalin but was immediately suffering severe headaches. Strattera was tried briefly but he dumped it pretty quickly after the sexual side effects. I think he's not into fiddling too much with meds and I can't really blame him. I guess my questions to y'all are these:

In your experience, was it more helpful to try to address the ADD or the depression initially. Or is there a way to do both effectively?

Is there a medication that has been particularly helpful for these comorbid conditions?

What have you found to be most effective and beneficial to you?

What can I, as a wife that fears being intrusive &/or nagging, do to help?

Just curious about folks advice and experiences...

08-04-06, 02:54 PM
This is my experience and may not apply to everyone (disclaimer).

I had to address my depression first because if I do not, I want to die. I have to want to live to tackle my ADHD (which is severe).

I take 60mgs Cymbalta (a SSNRI) for depression and 81mgs Concerta (a stimulant) to address the depression aand ADHD, respectively. This works very well, for me.

That being sad, I still need to focus on my nonmedication addressed issues. I maintain very poor habits due to 40 years of untreated ADHD, and meds don't break habits in the end.

Crazy :cool:

08-22-06, 09:39 PM
Some people need to have their depression treated before considering treating ADD-it is life-threatening if not treated.

Today I learned that my ADD is well-controlled with my current meds! Yeah and Yahoo. The problem? My mind is now able to focus and think about things much better.....And the Cymbalta did not work for me. So I started down that slippery slope into the darkness of depression, where you walk through wet concrete just to do anything. It gets so hard, you just stop and withdraw. Scares the living he ll out of me! I can tell because I start losing lots of hair, sleep half the night and toss and turn the rest, and my world turns a particular shade of greeen-not visually, but how I express what depression is like. It is the most horrid green-but I cannot replicate it in paint or dye. I think it is an emotional color.

The results today? I start on Wellbutrin 150mg for 2 weeks plus Lunesta at night to sleep and keep taking my ADD meds as prescribed. I see her again in2 weeks to see how things are going.

In 3 weeks, I see a sports med doc who treats fibromyalgia and chronic pain-from my degenerative arthritis and old compression fracture. Hopefully we will have a treatment plan by the end of October that really works for me.

My PsyMD is awesome. She treats me with such dignity and respect-and works with me on my meds and dosages. She even suggested applying to the prison where she used to work! Says it is safer than teaching high school. Funny, I just looked at that possibility yesterday.

Becky-just relieved to know I am not stuck in the darkness of my mind. I had almost given up and crawled into an emotional hole. But not suicidal.

D.B. Cooper
08-22-06, 10:24 PM
I tried every anti depressant short of an MAOI before my doctors just gave up. When i started treatment for ADD (adderall) my depression went away along with most of my anxiety. When dealing with psychostimulants its not unusual to have sexual side effects at first but they generally go away and your body adjusts. The ADD meds are not nearly as bad as far as side effects go compared to SSRI/SNRI drugs that are typical of depression treatment.

08-25-06, 05:26 AM
of course there are heaps of other options besides medication! have you thought about trying therapy - there are heaps of different types of therapy, and it can be time consuming finding the right therapist that works for you and your husband. have a look at this website: (link removed by admin) it has heaps of information about treatment for adhd and depression. the important thing to remember is that there is no "quick fix" - it will take time whatever treatment you choose.

09-05-06, 10:29 PM
I don't know about anyone else but my depression is far worse than my ADD...if my depression is under control, I can get by w/ the ADD but...that depression is just debillitating

09-05-06, 11:07 PM
These words ring out in my ears, and I don't know where I heard it in the past. Treat the primary condition first. Which condition displayed itself first in his life? Treat that one. Then again, if suicide is a risk factor, you have to deal with that right away.

Note on stimulants. Don't give up so quickly. Try different doses and try different brands. Of all the medications, stimulants have by far the greatest success rate in treating ADHD...especially if he was, or is hyperactive.

09-17-06, 09:46 PM
First, I to find myself in a similar situation. I havenít tried the stimulants yet, but I did try Strattera, with similar issues. Enough so, that I gave it up after 4 weeks. Iím now taking 150 mg of Wellbutrin XL to see if that works. I hope to beat both depression and ADD with one pill and therapy.

You mentioned being intrusive into your husbands life. I being a husband with a wife that is constantly angry at me, I envy your husband. I would so much like my wife to get to know what Iím going through. So, keep it up, I donít know you or your situation, but from my view, being patient compassionate seems to bee universal ways to help out.

09-24-06, 06:02 PM
...and my world turns a particular shade of greeen-not visually, but how I express what depression is like. It is the most horrid green-but I cannot replicate it in paint or dye. I think it is an emotional color.
It isn't exactly green but tinted here, but is this pic something like what you are talking about? When I randomly came across this pic recently, I thought to myself, "Wow, that is EXACTLY what it is like when im depressed!"

Doh how do I insert a pic off my computer into this post? :P