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08-06-06, 02:40 PM
Has anyone found a checklist or structure for getting organised?

I don't have much trouble getting rid of things, but organising the things I do want to keep baffles me.

08-06-06, 02:46 PM
I hope this helps you,she really has helped me out a lottttttttttttttt!!!!

08-09-06, 05:19 PM
I strangled her.

08-30-06, 07:39 PM
You could try Motivated Mom You don't get overloaded with spam type emails but you do get a check list of things to do.

08-30-06, 08:04 PM
Flylady made me want a fly swatter!! Clarity (;_ylu=X3oDMTBjMHZkMjZ yBHBvcwMxBHNlYwNzcg--/SIG=1hebqmli5/EXP=1157068112/**http%3a// .com%252Fsearch%252Fimages%253Fp%253Dfly%252Bswatt er%2526ei%253DUTF-8%2526fr%253Db1ie7%2526x%253Dwrt%26w=250%26h=202%2 aneous%252FFly_Swatter.jpg%26rurl=http%253A%252F%2 aneous%252FFly_Swatter.shtml%26size=9.4kB%26name=F ly_Swatter.jpg%26p=fly%2bswatter%26type=jpeg%26no= 1%26tt=2,573%26oid=1270c30dc8adc314%26ei=UTF-8)

But, I am not dissing Fly Lady-she really helps some people and I am glad for them, truly! I can't take Adderall, but it works for others. Me, I need organizational/getting it together ICU care, But, I will never be 100%, that is impossible, undesireable, and unrealistic. Instead, I have to find a system that I can live with and takes the stress of disorganization out of my daily life! I think I can get there.

Some of us are routine/system different and resistant-we have to find what will work for us-believe me it is hard-in some areas. I am great in the kitchen! But daily clutter and surfaces and cleaning routines-argh. I am working on a system that is right for me, because I rebel against imposed routines and hate constrictive structure. As an ENFP, my MAPP analysis, my Sternberg-Wagner Thinking Style-high in anarchy!, and other info from assessments and my therapist's observations make this a difficult area for me. But it helps to know this is part of me-I don't feel so guilty and that alone should help me do better with all this stuff.

It would really help to have someone to bounce my ideas off of and try their's. I would also like to trade hour for hour, time working at each other's home-two makes it so much more fun-I need to have fun doing this!

I am looking at 30 minute tidies-once a day-go as fast as I can and get as much as I can done in the time-this would not include cleaning-just keeping clutter at bay. The body double concept works well for me as does a little help from my family. When it is all on my shoulders, it is more than overwhelming because I feel like they don't care.

Once I had a box or basket for each family member and put their assorted crapola in there and they had to deal with it-before dinner! It really worked. They are grown now, just 1 at home. My house is really bad because of moving and stuff and my brain just shuts down. Do you want to help me unpack boxes? :p Enough already-RADD

Share your ideas and how to motivate-Not the BARney song-But I do like Lounette's big comfy couch 10 second tidies! My dust bunnies dance too!