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11-23-03, 08:59 PM
Does anyone have a "ADD" doctor that they really like and that has helped them in Southern CA?? I have been to several and none of them seem to "care" about what I am going through, or dont think it is that serious.

I have found out that Cedars-Sinai has a ADD division of the hospital, and I know they have a good reputation in other areas, but does anyone know anything about it??



11-23-03, 09:30 PM
Shrekrcr: I would go to Cedars Sinai Medical Center....if I were you....they DO have a good reputation....and I know have a huge mental illness fact an entire building devoted to this specialty.....

I don't know much more about it than that...but I did a day of rotations at Cedars Sinai Med Center when I was attending school in San Bernardino county.....and I know it's a great hospital....tons of teaching and tons of research....they undoubtedly will be open-minded about your ADD....

If you would like to know the name of the doctor I saw while I was at school please PM me.....(he's in San Bernardino county)....He was quite sensitive regarding my ADD.....(in fact, had TONS of Strattera samples in his office and put me on this med)

Good luck....Hopefully you will get some other input here as well....:)

06-13-04, 05:11 PM
Southern California doctor who specializes in ADD:
"Dr. David Sosin, a nationally recognized medical doctor and expert on ADD, and wife and educator, Myra Sosin, have authored the Professionals Guide to Attention Deficit Disorder, and have a new book, ADD 101. In their book, they have created a simple, interesting, and fun self-test for ADD - providing a simple and affordable way to find out if you or someone you care about has ADD. This is the same medical questionnaire used in their own medical facility, The Headache and Attention Deficit Disorder Treatment Center of Orange County, located in Santa Ana, California."

Here's the link: (


06-14-05, 02:14 AM
This is more for people who THINK they have ADD and are seeking a sliding-scale clinic to have their testing done.

California Graduate Institute (310) 208-7187. All the evals are done by interns, but it's on a sliding scale, and it's pretty quick.

04-23-06, 01:08 PM
need to find doc in sacramento,ca
How can I locate specialist for adult ADD in sac. I need help!!

Doctor Stephen Erickson- hes my doctor hes perfect. GO! 75 bucks for 30 minutes. 150 for an hour session. Hes excellent. He is a very cool open minded doctor.

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01-05-07, 08:26 PM
Hey, I just started therapy today for my adhd w/ depression. I will be seeing a psych on monday for the first time ever. Go to ( I don't know what insurance you have or if my doc will be any good. Hopefully, but they do have bios on all of there docs and different locations in and around the san diego area. Hope this helps.

11-20-07, 11:28 PM
Harry Verby M.D., San Mateo, Ca.[]; Mathew Stubblefield M.D., Palo Alto

09-13-08, 04:37 PM
Hey there, I'm in Palo Alto.

I too didn't know where to turn. I tried a psychiatrist. There's one listed (first name) in the San Mateo phone back that SAYS she specializes in ADHD ... but she's full of crap.

$200 a week to tell me that I buy too many shoes and therefore I'm OCD. She put me on Zoloft which left me in a fog .... really bad for someone who already has problems focusing.

I also have a habit of stacking dog food cans by color ... makes it easier to see. Her brilliant suggestion was to buy less dog food and only one flavor.

I asked if I could have ADD and she flatly refused to discuss it. I wasn't "hyper". Incredibly, she also didn't bother testing me.

I was just diagnosed with Combination ADHD (Inattentive ADD with Impulsive behavior) probably by the Dr. you mention. Honestly though, he's saved my life. I can't believe what an incredibly caring man he is. $700 for initial ... but who would've thought I was combo? And visits will be as needed for medical management ... not weekly.

Okay, lucky for me I have excellent insurance. I highly suggest you look up a therapist named Suzanne (Suzie) Hughes in San Carlos. She can't prescribe, and she leaves on maternity for a few months BUT she was the first person who listened to me with judging and actually gave me suggestions and hope. She's the one who recommended my doctor in San Mateo.

I guess what I'm saying is - don't consider only the immediate financial costs. You could end up finding cheaper docs ... who don't think you have ADD and you have to find another.

09-13-08, 05:47 PM
Diagnosed this week by Dr. Verby and HIGHLY recommend him. I'm a 46 yr old female.

He seems costly but in the end it's worth having an empathetic doctor who is so caring (ex-pediatrician).

Previously tried a female Psychiatrist in Menlo Park who was a disaster. Wouldn't test me for ADD (because I wasn't 'hyper') and put me on Zoloft (which made me spacey and less able to focus). $200 a week to hear that I had OCD because I had too many shoes and bought enough dog food cans for 2 weeks.

10-29-08, 02:32 AM
I am attempting to get a single place for people to go when they are looking for professional in their region to help with ADD - if you know a good reputable health care practitioner that treats adults with ADD by all mean do share - if one really really sucks then by all means do share that to -

With that said:

Please be advised readers are responsible for all research into any and all health care professionals as well as baring the sole responsibility for final ADD treatment decisions. ADDF doesn't recommend or endorse any one and all opinions shared by the member are the opinions of that member and in no way reflects the opinion of ADDF as a community

Although I won't delete recommendations for children I am mostly looking for adult ADD care

In the mean time I do have a collection of directories located in the diagnosis section than may be of use to some Where Can I Find a Health Care Professional? (

01-11-09, 10:15 PM
In response to meadd823's post and the title of this thread,

In Eureka Jan Paulus, MS, MA, is the person who did my second eval and diagnosis.

I rather enjoyed my time with her! She does LD's too.

The only psych doc I went to up here in Humbodlt for my meds was Dr. Tessler in Bayside.

I also used a GP locally for my first three med trials.

I now see Dr. Laura Davies down in San Francisco.
She got me started with Concerta.
Although she charges $250 a visit (yeah, I know it's high and my insurance is local so she isn't on the plan and when I finally remember to submit my bills, they only pay a tiny portion of the costs), I'm pretty happy with her so far.

I think now that this Concerta is working for me, I may transfer care back to my GP.

05-27-09, 12:41 AM
depending on what part of California in San Diego there is a Dr. Richard Heidenfelder on 4th Avenue in downtown. He takes all insurances including medi-cal, and charges only 60 bucks a visit. He treats ADD ADHD and is awesome.

10-07-09, 12:35 AM
Another vote for Dr. David Sosin in Southern CA [Orange County]. He has been treating me for headaches, depression, and ADD for several years. An odd bird, but REALLY cares and takes time w/patients. Knows his pharmacology and the reality of living w/ADD. He is in Santa Ana. PH: 949/660-8873. Headache and ADD Treatment Center of Orange County.

Mary S.
11-22-09, 11:14 PM
I would personally like to thank Dr. Verby a national recognized figure in ADHD/ADD diagnosis and treatment with a Medical Behavior Clinic in San Mateo, CA. Without his understanding of ADHD, empathy and support, I would have never known that I have ADD. I am a 50 years old female and was diagnosed six months ago by Dr. Verby with ADD. Under Dr Verby's care I have seen a tremendous improvement in my health. Dr Verby is a dedicated physician (ex-pediatrician) and an excellent caliber person. His dedication and commitment to his profession extends far beyond any medical professional I have met in the bay area (and I have been in the bay area for 30 years). I am very fortunate to have found him, and indebted to my therapist for recommending him to me. He has certainly changed my life with his ADD treatment.

01-19-12, 03:56 AM
There is a good clinic in Santa Ana, Orange County called open care medical center. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to link but the website you want to go to is opencaremedicalcenter dot com

If you are looking for a doctor to see about ADHD and perhaps get a prescription for medication that is the place to go.

Here is their contact information:
1125 East 17th St. Suite W-130
Santa Ana, 92701

01-24-12, 06:38 PM
I just wanted to post a big thank you to furaonprophet.

I am going to the place s/he mentioned in Santa Ana. Check out their website. I'm going for a free consultation for ADD today, which means if I do not qualify for medication, I don't have to pay for the visit. Otherwise the cost is $140 dollars. Which is highly reasonable comparatively... In fact it's the best I could find. But the fact that you don't have to pay if you don't get a prescription is what really makes it a no-brainer.

The woman on the phone told me to bring in any prior medication bottles/prescriptions that will give some evidence of prior medical history, which would make giving the prescription easier. Luckily I have a prior prescription. But if you don't have one, I don't know how that affects your odds. But like I said, it's free if you don't get a prescription, so it's worth a shot.

Basically you either get a $140 dollar prescription if you qualify, or you go home having wasted a bit of time and gas money. Not a bad deal.

Also, it's $20 off I guess if you mention the website. They take walk ins. Check their hours on the website.

Oh, and they also give medical marijuana prescriptions if you are into that... not sure about the details on that, but you can look at the site, and the woman on the phone was fairly informative.

Oh and on a side not, I wouldn't expect any therapy type services here, lol, it's just gonna be you either get pills or you don't. Which is fine with me I guess. Don't get me wrong I'd love to have the money to spend 200+ a week on something like that, but on my budget the best I can afford is someone who will give me a freaking prescription.

01-25-12, 01:10 AM
So I went to the place in Santa Ana today and it's potentially a great deal, and there's no chance of you wasting your money by paying for a visit and not getting your meds.

Basically they charge you per prescription you get from them, not per visit. It was 140 (-20 for internet coupon) for my Vyvanse prescription, and it will be 95 for every follow up month to continue the meds. And they gave me a card that gave me 50% off of the Vyvanse for like the first 5 months.

They want to give you a prescription, and will do so as long as it's appropriate. Giving scripts is the only way they make money, as I've explained. That being said, I was briefly prescribed adderall over a year ago, so I brought in my saved pill bottles which I was lucky to still have, and with that he was very easy to get a prescription from. I don't know what it would be like without any prior prescription, but I imagine it wouldn't be impossible. Might not even be difficult. As long as you seem legit, and can really benefit from the meds. And you stand to lose nothing, since (I repeat) they only charge you if you get a prescription.

I think their main source of clientele is people wanting marijuana prescriptions, if that give you the idea of what kind of place this is. Having been there though, I have a lot of respect for them. They're professional, and the doctor knew his stuff pretty well, and I mean, they are just giving power to the people to get the medications they want/need/deserve.

If you want to get more than one highly controlled substance though, (one they can't just give you a long term prescription for, and that you have to come back each month for) you might be able to find a better place than this because AGAIN it's per prescription.

Long review but there you go.

P.S. their site is

05-07-12, 08:32 PM
So I went to the place in Santa Ana today and it's potentially a great deal, and there's no chance of you wasting your money by paying for a visit and not getting your meds.

I don't know what it would be like without any prior prescription, but I imagine it wouldn't be impossible. Might not even be difficult. As long as you seem legit, and can really benefit from the meds.

How can you in good faith advocate people go to a place like this? ADHD medications are not something to be taken lightly--I have friends in my ADHD support group who have suffered greatly over the years because of doctors not taking the time to assess their symptoms, and just handing over prescriptions. They don't even care about their patients and only want to fill their waiting rooms to get more $$$.

"Might not even be difficult" to get a prescription ??? Shame on you for promoting a "doctor" like this.

01-10-14, 09:01 PM

Is there any possible way you could give me the information of your physician? I would greatly appreciate it. I think I've been living with ADD for a long time now, and I really need the help :(