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11-23-03, 09:09 PM
Does anyone have a "ADD" doctor that they really like and that has helped them in Southern CA?? I have been to several and none of them seem to "care" about what I am going through, or dont think it is that serious.

I have found out that Cedars-Sinai has a ADD division of the hospital, and I know they have a good reputation in other areas, but does anyone know anything about it??



12-09-03, 01:10 AM
Have you tried the Amen Clinic? I believe it's in Newport Beach. I don't know if that's in Southern California, but it might be worth the drive.

12-09-03, 10:12 AM
It is. Take the 5 or 405 south. Not too far from John Wayne Airport.

03-04-04, 02:01 AM
I have now found out that I cannot go to any doctor like I was originally told by my employer.

They use Magellan...............I hated my last experience with them, I could not find any doctors that would take me. I suspect it was because of Magellan that they would not take me............I tried for weeks to find a doctor with no luck.

Any suggestions?? Loopholes??


06-14-04, 07:17 PM
Here's a pretty good ADD doctor in the Southern California area.

Southern California doctor who specializes in ADD:
"Dr. David Sosin, a nationally recognized medical doctor and expert on ADD, and wife and educator, Myra Sosin, have authored the Professionals Guide to Attention Deficit Disorder, and have a new book, ADD 101. In their book, they have created a simple, interesting, and fun self-test for ADD - providing a simple and affordable way to find out if you or someone you care about has ADD. This is the same medical questionnaire used in their own medical facility, The Headache and Attention Deficit Disorder Treatment Center of Orange County, located in Santa Ana, California."

Here's the link: (