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08-12-06, 11:15 PM
Ok i posted somewhere on here the other day but i didnt have all my thoughts together and probably still dont. Before any meds i have always had anxiety, depressinon and adhd. Adderall has helped for the depression and adhd kinda wheres off in the evening but way better than before anything. the depressinon seems worse in the evening.. I have been having alot of anxiety lately i think thats why i am on 60 mg of adderall know. i kept going up in dose thinking med wasnt working as well as it should well i went from 20 to 60 over a couple of yrs anxiety always there without and up to 60mg other than that addrall working ok. i am looking to find a people with adhd depressinon and anxiety and using adderall as there adhd med. What is your combo, i really only want to have 2 meds to take thanx.

08-13-06, 12:16 AM
oh ya i forgot they put me on prozac 20mg 2 days ago for anxiety

08-13-06, 01:50 AM
This got kinda long, but not tooooo long, I hope.

This is the most current combo that I'm trying.
10 mg of Adderall-XR and 300 mg of Wellbutrin in the morning.
Another 20 of adderall in the afternoon most of the time.
Then 600 mg Trileptal and 20 mg Celexa when I go to bed.
I have Xanax for when a high stressor is gonna be coming...

This is a little history of how I got to where I am now.
Bad stuff kept happening and I got more depressed then I got like chronic indignation and some rage, meanwhile going through menopause.
Bad stuff kept happening, and I started to slide, eventually getting totally scattered and forgetful, which made me more depressed.
I had been on celexa, then effexor, then xyprexa which really whacked me physically, so back to effexor. It might have even been the xyprexa that put the icing on my cake, because at this point I was at my worst.
Back to celexa, added trileptal and adderall which stopped the slide down, then I almost started feeling better. But then the celexa wasn't cutting it anymore and I was getting sensitive and weepy again. So cut down celexa and added wellbutrin. I got xanax for when I need it too.
I'm not sure I'm ready to drop celexa altogether.

I'm starting to think that all these drugs might be causing some of the symptoms.
So I didn't help much, except maybe to say, taking more drugs may not be the answer.
Writing this out was good for me. I'm looking forward to other feedbask too.