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08-13-06, 10:11 PM
The Addict and His Keeper

No one wakes up one day and says I want to be an addict and ruin my life
Today I will throw away all hope for my future,
I will happily choose a life filled with pain and continual strife

No one decides, I think I will stay right here
Steeped in self-hatred, failure and isolation
Confusion and denial making reality increasingly unclear

They all say no one knows, no one really sees
Secrets that are only my own, effect no one else
They fall further into the pit of the disease

They all say "I am in control", I am just fine!
Their lives, families ,and friends slip away
They continue on deaths path, closer to the end of the line

They are gone to us now, stumbling, lost and blind
To the damage to themselves, to all who care
They lie, cheat, and steal anything of worth they can find

They spin further out of control lost in a self-created hell
Obsessive thoughts of nothing but their vice
We always wonder, why the more we tried to control it, the further they fell

We continue to think we can convince them to change
Our new lifeís mission begins
We are self-assured their lives are now ours to rearrange.

We have begged, pleaded, screamed, and cried
Manipulated, enabled, protected and controlled,,
We ourselves are now diseased and are accomplices
in cultivating the lies

We spend every waking moment focused on nothing but them
Losing all reason, we the keeper of the addict,
Are now blinded, and our once well lit paths grow dim

Our lives now locked together in a deadly dance
Slipping farther away from sanity
Our lives cease to move in forward motion as if caught in a trance

Our lives toss, tumbling, striking painfully against one another
This diseases destructive path unmoved by bias
None are immuned , afflicted are our kids, spouses ,parents, sisters and brothers

We are all one now in the disease
No difference between us, one in the same
We continue the seductive dance of death and it aims to please

We are intertwined, one addiction feeding off the other
No one the wiser, no one admits defeat
We continue our twisted lies praying our secrets are never discovered

We are all alone now, both the addict and his keeper
Deaths stalking us, getting closer
We are blinded by the steely glint of the sickel, striking, from the hand of addictions deadly reaper

He is waiting there patiently , biding his time
He knows soon we will be all his
Emotional,spitiual death, finally the physical, the ultimate punishment fits the crime

There is only one way to stop our addiction, one chance to escape the disease
Our only hope , is ironically as simple as uttering the following words,
Iím here God, open, willing, defeated I want You to help me please!