View Full Version : Ritalin as a "Booster" dose to Concerta

08-17-06, 02:32 PM
Does anyone on the forum take Concerta with Ritalin-or Methylphenidate? It would be interesting to talk about why and how well it works.

I take 3, 10mg doses 3x day. 7, 12, 5. The last dose gets me through the evening when the Concerta 12 hour effect wears off. With my fibromyalgia this is a must or else I am unable to do anything other than wipe out on the couch. I don't always take all 3 doses-especially if I sleep in on the weekends.

Share your experience-are you able to titrate dosages for high concentration times?


08-17-06, 03:26 PM
I am considering boosting my Concerta with IR Ritalin when I go back to school. I am very interested to watch this thread :). Radd, how much Concerta are you taking and when?

Crazy :cool:

08-17-06, 03:40 PM
The Cocktail of Attention, Mood, and Pain Relief, with a twist of lime:


72mg Concerta AM
10mg Ritalin 3x day
.25mg Alprazolam 3x day for anxiety-feels like it smooths out the stims.
.5mg estrogen patch 2x week-yam source-Estrogen helps with my ADD and depression.

400-600mg Aleve 1-2x day
Claritin 1x day
Calcium/D/Magnesium supplement
Alternative therapies

Massage-once a month
Relaxation and stretching-need to do more

I am looking into other supplements-but not the big money kind. Fish oil-prefer a plant oil with same, L-carnitine, and other brain friendly supplements, but will do plenty of research. Would like to learn Tai Chi or something that will help with coordination and balance and help fibro. Middle eastern dancing would be great too, no classes here though.

04-10-07, 09:05 PM
Here's my prescribed cocktail:

72mg Concerta in the morning
20mg Ritalin in the afternoon/evening/as needed

Here's what my mother has me on:

fish oil (OmegaBrite is the best brand, apparently.)
spirulina (bluegreen algae)

...and a high protein diet because apparently the ADD brain needs more protein.

it works pretty well for me.
(though I rarely take my full dose of concerta. I usually only take 36mg.)

If I don't take my evening dose of ritalin, I don't really "crash"... but I do seem to slowly "fade away". I can't seem to do much more than watch TV.

04-10-07, 09:16 PM
72mg Concerta in the morning
20mg Ritalin in the afternoon/evening/as needed

I used to be on that but now I take Ritalin LA 60mg then a booster of Ritalin IR 20mg in the afternoon. Regular Ritalin seems to work better for me. I just have to make sure I remember to take it!