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08-17-06, 05:15 PM
This is my take on why some ADD Coaches get territorial. I am not representing anybody else in the field or any AD/HD related organization. My opinion is based of observation and research I have conducted

As Scattered has brought up in another thread there are some ADD Coaches who get a bit territorial when it comes to the ADD Coaching profession. There are some valid reasons behind this though. In researching the online therapy for an ethics class last year I learned that there are a number of counselors/therapists out there who have just slapped on the term "coach" but are actually practicing distance therapy.

This is not the same as those in the helping profession who have acquired coaching skills. Many social workers, counselors, etc who have gone through school fairly recently have learned coaching skills. So have some who have been in practice for quite some time by going to additional trainings.

There are many coaches who are credentialed by the ICF. The ICF credential is not easy to receive and many of these coaches have worked hard and received training.

Many of these people see people in other professions just calling themselves coaches. Some are afraid that they really aren't coaches and are making the coaching profession look bad.

What I would like too see is an assessment that tests if a person has the knowledge and skills required to be an ADD Coach. I don't think it should matter how the person came about getting the skills and knowledge but just that they have them.

In the state of Vermont if somebody wants to become an attorney all they need do is take an exam. Sure going to Law school will probably help people pass the exam but it's not required. This is the type of thing I would like to see with ADD Coaching certification.

11-17-08, 03:18 AM
I agree there should be a national exam for all ADD coaches to pass for certification, and maybe eventually we would have state exams, and international exams. I became a certified paralegal and member of the State Bar of Texas by providing work and attorney references, and passing exams in several different areas of the law. We also have annual requirements for continuing education.