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03-14-03, 03:36 PM
Research suggests that 85% of people with AD/HD are prone having rages or outbursts with very little provocation.
(from Dr Amen's Book )Healing ADD (

01-11-04, 04:15 AM
Yep, but I always attributed it to an inherited 'Irish' temper (if there is such a thing ;) ) and having two high strung parents with BAD tempers, especially the mother who goes 'on the war path'. But I'm sure now that ADHD contributes! Especially when I've noticed that my brain feels shut-down (I've lost count of how many alarm clocks I've destroyed when they've woken me, just for trying to turn them off and not finding the right button!).

01-11-04, 07:09 PM
I was like this when I was younger.

I got over it as a teenager because my dad threatened to kick me out if I couldn't get control of my temper.

01-24-06, 12:17 PM
Im for the most part pretty calm but if I have something on my mind that I feel I can't talk about then I tend to let it boil until I expload, I hate doing it but I can't seem to help it just happens.

01-24-06, 08:10 PM
For me, I had a HORRIBLE temper. My wife and I would get into these really NASTY arguments. Terrible stuff, just being really loud, mean, throwing stuff, cussing, just everything that nice, calm folks don't do!! Once on my Adderall, that quit, and it quit as soon as I took my first pill.

Now, we went for five weeks with not so much as a harsh word between us, and then, it happened again. I was under HUGE stress at work, and my wife was under her own work stess. Well, there was a dissagrement, and it degraded into "the past" so quick, that I did not even know it was happening. It was weard. Well, we got throught that, and all is well again.

I really hope the temper can smoth out, and really put some time between our arguments, and when we do have an issue, I hope I can decrease the severity of the action.

Take care,

01-28-06, 07:59 PM
I have never, ever had this problem.

I think I've lost it about 4 times in my life (and I'm 34). Most of those times were after taking years of abuse by bullies, etc.

My psychologist said that the inability to monitor many consecutive emotional burdens -=as they build up=-, can let stress build up so high that i get overloaded, though. We start forgetting what the first stressors really were, even -- we just know that we can't cope.

Then it seems like a"sudden" emotional outburst.

I think this (for me) comes from living thru a childhood with an unpredictable alcoholic though. Never know when they're drunk, or angry, or in a blaming mood.

We always have to pay so much attention to what is -=going on with others=-, and "their emotional status" (eg bad moods, rages, oversensitivity, etc), that we forget to monitor/assess our own emotional baggage and injustices, etc.

If our own stresses don't get alleviated as they build, it's not surprising that we fall apart, or sorta explode.

The REAL SKILL to develop, though, is the skill of "self-assessment" for the thoughts and feelings we are experiencing.


07-28-06, 09:30 AM
Anyone with anger problems pleas read this book.

Anger Busting 101: The New ABC's for Angry Men & the Women Who Love Them by Newton Hightower.

It really helped me.