View Full Version : Looking for a little help in central MA/RI

11-26-03, 10:50 PM
Looking for some help finding a psychiatrist for myself who is more flexible than the standard that appears to be out there.

I have hit a prescription wall with my current doc at 72 mg of Concerta 1x a day. Its not enough. I have done some experimenting on my own and am finding that a 2nd dose of Concerta is just what i need at about 2-3pm to get me through to bedtime.

Theres soooo many sites and none of them are very organized with good info on therapists locally, just the big names in boston/sudbury. In fact, one could say it seems very ADD'ish :).

If anyone could suggest some doctors in the central mass area or even RI that are more knowledgeable about ADD and the limits of Concerta, that would be great.


Rob B.

12-04-03, 10:50 PM
How far are you from Connecticut? I can recommend a good guy in Hartford. You only have to go once every 2-3 months so it is worth the trip. Let me know if you are interested.