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Lady Lark
08-22-06, 12:23 PM
So my son was diagnosed with ADHD at the beginning of last year (my husband and I saw the behavior, but where in a state of denial without even realizing it). He is very smart, and his teachers have said that when ELP starts in 4th grade, he could easily make the program, except for his behavior. Even on medication he has problems. My husband and I are thinking that a private or charter school might be good for him. If we can find one that allows him to advance at his own pace we think there might be less chance for boredom.

Right now itís ďYou learned this, and thatís great. Now you have to repeat it for another day while the class catches up.Ē Heís gets bored cause he already knows it, which gives him more opportunities to act up. Iím just so worried that despite his smarts heíll get labeled, and sooner or later heíll just give up.

Is anyone aware of schools in the East Valley that have AD/HD programs, or that may cater to AD/HD kids, or are even just more understanding of the problem. He was in preschool (we though being an only child he needed some socialization), and was asked to leave since he was ďdisruptiveĒ and they couldnít control him. I donít want to repeat that. Iíd hate to find a good school and then have them expel him cause heís too hyper. Thatís not going to help him at all.

Iíve Googled up the ying yang, looked in the phone book, looked on the Mesa school districtís web page, and I canít find anything. Please, can someone help?

08-22-06, 09:15 PM
HI LadyLark! Have you heard of the Montessori schools? Their philosophy is one of going at the child's own pace and learning style. My DS was in private school up through 6th grade, and they were not very aware of ADHD in the classroom, and how to deal with it. Private schools, you might find, are a little less than the public about awareness, and being able to make accomodations/modifications like the 504 and IEP. Privates don't fall under these, I understand. We are having a bit (but just a bit better) luck in the public school system. It all boils down to the particular individual your child will be spending the day with. One teacher can be better at accomdations/modifications/awareness than another. Charter schools are also unlikely to want to put up with less than perfect behaviour or other difficulties, and depending on the school, can actually discriminate the LD's out, as they push their scores down as a school. Sad but true.

Have you heard of the Dore Achievement Centers, originating in the UK? Arizona is one of the few states to have one.

Lady Lark
08-23-06, 11:31 AM
I've considered Montessori, but I'm not sure he would do well there. They do have an excellent program, but the day to day isn't very structered (a benifit to some, but not all). I'm worried that he'll just be a free floating distraction (not like he isn't now though), and I'm not sure that will really help.

I've heard a bit about Dore, but I admit I don't quite understand what it is that they do.

10-28-06, 11:14 PM
Self Development Charter School.