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08-22-06, 07:23 PM
In the movie “The Patriot” Mel Gibson makes a statement near the first of it saying “I often fear that the sins of my past would come back to haunt me!”

This is my Poem

“Their Past”

I often wonder why the sins of their past haunts me so!

Far as I get older they are certain think that I would like to know!

Some things that happened, I’ve blocked from my mind

And I am scared, if I did remember, what I might Find

But there is a deep longing to remember it all

Then let the cards lay where they might fall

I know for what they did, they were mentally ill

So because of that I love them still

For I can forgive them for what they did to me

But not for what was done to my sisters, none of the three

For I have an anger and sorrow down deep inside

But my emotions are so screwed up, that I can not cry

Now I drink a lot, and try to forget

But I usually just catch hell for it

I wish I was as strong as I was in my youth

When I could put on a good face and hide the truth

But as I get older the truth is harder to put out of my head

And if it wasn’t for my kids I would surely be dead

For I would have ended it a long time ago

But they saved my life and that I know

So now I go to the Dr and take my drugs

Then try to get a lot of hugs

Then I live my life from day to day

And try to do what the Dr’s say

I’ve been diagnosed with every letter it seems

PTSD, ADD and a few other things

So I go on with life and try to fit in

But my mind always goes back to when it all begins

I still wonder why the sins of their past haunts me so!

But this answer I guess, I will never know

So I pray to GOD that he forgives us ALL, for our sins

And help me make it through this night,

For in the morning it will start all over again!