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08-22-06, 08:01 PM
In the movie “The Patriot” Mel Gibson makes a statement near the first of it saying “I often fear that the sins of my past would come back to haunt me!”

This is my Poem

“Their Past”

I often wonder why the sins of their past haunts me so!

Far as I get older they are certain think that I would like to know!

Some things that happened, I’ve blocked from my mind

And I am scared, if I did remember, what I might Find

But there is a deep longing to remember it all

Then let the cards lay where they might fall

I know for what they did, they were mentally ill

So because of that I love them still

For I can forgive them for what they did to me

But not for what was done to my sisters, none of the three

For I have an anger and sorrow down deep inside

But my emotions are so screwed up, I can not cry

Now I drink a lot, and try to forget

I but I usually just catch hell for it

I wish I was as strong as I was in my youth

When I could put on a good face and hide the truth

But as I get older the truth is harder to put out of my head

And if it wasn’t for my kids I would surely be dead

For I would have ended it a long time ago

But they saved my life and that I know

So now I go to the Dr and take my drugs

Then try to get a lot of hugs

Then I live my life from day to day

And try to do what the Dr’s say

I’ve been diagnosed with every letter it seems

PTSD, ADD and a few other things

So I go on with life and try to fit in

But my mind always goes back to when it all begins

I still wonder why the sins of their past haunts me so!

But this answer I guess I will never know

So I pray to GOD that he forgives us for all our sins

And help me make it through this night,

For in the morning it will start all over again!

08-22-06, 08:47 PM
My Gift (Grace)

Oh Lord! Oh Lord!
What have I done?
I have went and KILLED
Your only SON!

It was for my sins
That He did die!
Nailed to the cross
And Crucified

They place His body
In the ground
By that old grave
Couldn't hold him down!

He rose up
So everyone could see
This great gift
That you gave to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!