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08-25-06, 06:13 PM
Hello! I need help creating a job description for an administrative assistant who will make up for where I am weak. I hired someone who has worked for me for 2 months and it is not working out very well. I drive her crazy and she drives me crazy. She pays even less attention to detail than I do. I can be obsessive when it comes to my work as a grant consultant, and I believe that is why people are willing to pay me nicely for my services - because I get hyperfocused on grant projects once I get into them. What Knowledge, Skills and Aptitudes should I include in an Admin Asst Job description, and what are some good Performance Based interviewing questions that will help me determine if a candidate fits the bill? I know I need someone who can keep me organized and do the routine tasks, like filing. But I also need someone who can put up with me without making me feel bad for being so different. This person I have now treats me like I am disabled. I feel patronized. I am an entrepreneur and have an expertise in an area that is of value to my clients. I just need someone who can help me develop processes and systems so that I can build a team of people to do this work. I know they need to be methodical to counter my impulsive, intuitive approach. PLEASE - if anyone has experience with this and can make recommendations, I do need your help.
Thank You!

08-25-06, 06:34 PM
I have been having the same type of issue. I hired somebody to work as a virtual assistant for me and it didn't work out. I found out during the process of getting her set up with things that it was more work setting stuff up and explaining how I do things and expect to have things done. I'm a bit quirky but like you can be a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my work.

Right now I am with out a VA and have been putting off looking for somebody else because I now know there is a lot of work involved in the whole process. This something that I am planning on getting help with from an ADD Coach sometime soon.

A resource that may be helpful is the blog I'm not sure if she has written anything on finding an assistant but I know she has gone through the process and been successful at it.

I'm sure there has got to be some type of resource online specifically for hiring assistant too. I know there are a ton of resources for entrepreneurs. I bet there are guides and templates somewhere.