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08-26-06, 05:22 PM
Hello, I'm a first time poster. I live in Charlottesville VA and have a car. I hope to have amphetamine prescribed with a minimum of flim-flam, referrals, and dose titration -- under the diagnosis of somnolence due to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I dont have insurance or alot of money or time. I wonder is it possible to get an evaluation with a psychiatrist or other prescriber without a referral? In case my explicit desire to obtain a certain treatment may make someone uncomfortable, please read on.

I got severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in 2004 and no doctor could do anything for me (I saw about a dozen). It was like having the flu every day, plus heavy anxiety, insomnia, brain fog, etc. Often I could barely walk. I became persuaded by the theory that bacterial infection might underlie some cases of CFS. Apparantly due to heavy antibacterial treatment (still ongoing), I got very lucky -- and I now run 6 miles in almost the same time I ran before getting sick. I often feel completely normal.

I spent the last 2 years studying disease and molecular biology very intently, largely on my own. I want to enter a PhD program. I have ideas and strong ambitions. I've done great on the GRE biochem (and general) exams, but my grades have really sucked. I suffer no brain fog or distractability -- the problem is that I average ~10 hours of sleep a night, and frequently fall asleep in the afternoon, occasionally 2 or 3 times in a day. Frequently I am drowsy all day. Despite my physical fitness, I always want to walk places instead of ride my bicycle; if I set out to practice some problems in some quantitative subject, I always end up just reading the book instead of working problems. My apartment is always trashed and I often miss paying bills on time. I recently crashed my bicycle (and fortunately destroyed its front wheel rather than some portion of my good old self). You get the idea: I'm chronically drowsy with resulting low psychomotor drive. This took a while to dawn on me because I was badly insomniac and extremely mentally hyperactive back when my CFS was severe.

I'm taking some grad classes this term as a non-degree student. Pretty much my last chance to lay down a good record as a remotely normal person and get into a good PhD program. I havent seen a doctor in many months as I prefer to manipulate my antibacterial regime according to my own theorizations. I have already tried things like buproprion, adrafinil, and tranylcypromine; I exercise, eat well, and dont use any recreational drugs/tobacco/alcohol. As you can see I prefer to do things for myself when possible, but I am not about to obtain a schedule II drug illegally.

Many thanks for any help.

08-26-06, 07:58 PM

Glad you are here. If you are in school, a professor could recommend you be tested for ADD, it would be free or really cheap through the University system.
I have Fibromyalgia and it often responds favorably to ADD meds. I encourage you to pursue this avenue!

Undecided is a great way to go back-I started that way. Once you get a dx and accommodations you will be able to do much better. But we can discuss more of this later.


08-27-06, 07:54 PM
Thanks. Visiting the University's doctors isn't free for me, since I'm not in a degree-seeking program now that I've taken a BA.

I don't think I have or appear to have ADD. Unfortunately, the first post of this compilation seems to indicate that somnolence is or at least was less likely to be treated with stimulants than ADD is:

Of course, what worries me about catecholaminergic drugs like amphetamine is tolerance. I will become well-informed on this aspect before acting. I've been reading threads here on the subject. If anyone has favorite threads (or better yet published studies) addressing this, I'd be sure to read them.