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09-01-06, 03:36 PM
You are sick , you donít know,

but you are your own worst enemy-so am I

For years I did all I can to help, to fix

But it just grows , and grows

Years once filled with laughter and life

Now dieing , suffocated by pain

The disease for both- looms larger

like a huge elephant in the middle of the room.

Huge Ė No one could miss it

They choose , however to be blind

Continuing the dance around the elephant

In the middle of the room

No recovery in hiding-the truth-so huge

Right in front of them

Like a huge white elephant

Sitting in the middle of the room

We dance around it as if on eggshells

Quiet Ė not to disturb

Like children when they are small

Standing out in the open,

Hands over their eyes

Screaming I canít see you- you canít see me

Not to much time passes

the two become three or four

Now the little ones join in the dance of the elephant

Taught the steps by their own moms

Step here , Step there

Little ones , take care

Sssh , quiet , donít wake it,

Side step, on tippy toes

Around and around we go

When others come around

We act as if the elephant isnít there

Again we stand eyes covered, I donít see you, join in

You donít see me

We have fully convinced ourselves, the little ones and all who

Care to blindly follow

That huge , ominous, elephant is invisible , doesnít exist

To a few- he is a plain as day

Huge , and he swallows all free space

They try their best to show , to tell us

It falls on deaf ears,

We choose , to refuse, to believe

Nothing in our current state, changes

Except the elephants size,

He grows now everyday

Fed and fed well, by our denial,

He almost swallows the very air we breath

Even as we suffocate, by his ever increasing size

We squeeze by him, daily,

Convinces if we ignore him heíll eventually go away

Later, years later,

We even sneak and try,

To push, pull , shove him,

When no one is looking..then

Weakened by our failed efforts

We give in and teach the little ones to do the same

Sometimes , the huge elephant

Stays through the generations,

Only growing stronger, with time

As those of use around him, grow weaker,

Suffocating by the loss of space and light

There is no where left to go now in our room

Every space engulfed by him

The elephant unmoving,

He will remain, as long as we hide him from ourselves, and the others

Sometimes, by the grace of God,

Someone comes along

They recognize this elephant,

They have seen it before

When we are ready, they take us by the hand,

Promising to be there, hand in hand

They walk with us, comforted, we open our eyes

Slowly, open so we arenít blinded by unfamiliar light

We see the elephant, clearly

With each trip there together, we see him , he is not so large now

They share, encourage, their knowledge is key

We are stronger now, looking closely at the elephant

We see a flaw- a weakness-

Renewed by love, we pick up the chisel

We chip away

Piece by piece,

Day by day

We grow stronger , and the elephant grows smaller

No more hiding now, denial gone , no more fear

We take him apart, he is almost completely gone now.

The room seems so spacious now, Breath Ė the air

Darkness , now replaced by light

Finally the last piece

The bottom foundation where he once sat

Our hands together, turn it over, final piece,

Of the once huge masterpiece,


With the final stroke of encouragement, we turn it over, to see

The artists mark, face to face, we see

The artists signature, from our own handÖÖ..

True freedomÖ..found

Hope 10-22-05