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09-08-06, 12:15 AM
Lately i've been having some problems with myself..... sounds very vague. In particular... well let's just talk about last night. I'm starting 3rd year univ this monday so last nigh (wed) I went out with some friends who had just gotten back into town from the summer, and we went to a local and popular student pub to drink. Now before we got there I was pre-drinking with some friends and had approx 220 ml of whiskey. I guess its important to note that I drank it in 15 min. The time was about 7:20pm. I had taken my antidepressant med's zoloft (150mg) at 6:00pm which is the usual time I take it. Now mind you I didn't plan on drinking that fast however these guys i was with started drinking before me and my mate got there and wanted to leave, next thing I know cab is here... time to get it down. Fast forward to about 9:30pm, nothing has happened, other then consuming about 4 beers at the pub. Had a pitcher to myself in an hour, two pitchers in total. ANyways, I felt great, ecstatic that my friends were there, really great mood... I also take adderall but i haven't taken it in a while given it s the summer etc... i did drink a lot of coffee during the day however. About 11:00pm rolls around, and this girl that's with us is drinking from the pitcher. She gets kicked out, but we're about to leave anyways so i figure what the hell, i do the same. Completely implusively, right in front of the bouncer. He said time to go, i'm like ok, but i'm waiting for friends. I didn't as of this point say anything to him offensively, until he grabbed my arm and tried to lead me out. I was just as calm as the girl, but obviously i'm a guy so its diff story. I told him to not ****ing (*@*ing) touch me. Then i said something about that i could kick his ***, (not that it matters but i'm a pretty big guy have been working out for 5 years now) I'm pretty sure I whispered it to him very calmly, and walked out. I want to stress I was very calm this whole time, definitely not screaming or shouting, the classic drunken enactment we're all so used to seeing. As I was heading away him and another clown step out and say "you're banned for life" for apparently 'threatening' the one bouncer. I was about 30 yards from them. This i sthe troubling part.... I turned around, and very calmly walked up to the one guy, and said to him, "well i guess next time I'll just come with a shotgun", smiled, and walked away. When i said it it was almost as if i was in third person seeing myself saying it. Almost like it wasn't even me. I guess the complusion to say something troubling to them was so great that I couldn't seem to control it. After this I walked away, got some pizza, and before i met up with my friends 3 police cruisers surrounded me. WEnt to the police station, sat in a cell for 4 hours, and then was let go with a $65 fine, and no record obviously, basically a slightly more pricy parking ticket. Now... I have made friends with a guy at the gym who has a record and has access to firearms, and he did joke about giving me a shotgun a while back if i wanted it, when i told him my gf's ex-bf was giving me some problems. Not that I ever would actually take it. I am not violent at all, and this is the first time I have ever gotten kicked out of a bar/pub. I'm 21 and have beeen out countless times. I guess the main problem was mixing zoloft with alcohol.

09-08-06, 02:13 PM
I guess the main problem was mixing zoloft with alcohol.
This deffinately couldn't have helped. If this is a one time thing then I don't see where you really have a behavior problem. We've all done something stupid atleast once in our lives.

09-08-06, 02:21 PM
Runinl8, I have done LOTS of stupid things in my 40 years :o. I am extremely lucky that I have never suffered legal consequences for any of them.

All I can offer you, OP, is some wisdom that will probably sound pretty dumb from your young point of view:

When your head hurts enough? You will quit banging it on the wall. :) Good luck to you.

09-08-06, 05:45 PM
Being that you said what you did means you must watch youeself and keep no guns where you can get them as doing thins on an impulse is an issue for many of us. Many of us have done things that few minutes later we wish we could take back. So do not set yourself up for trouble.

09-10-06, 01:19 AM
Thanks everyone for the maturity of your responses, this is truly a great and useful forum :) I'd just like to add a little side note. Tonight, Sat night, I was hanging out with my friends, they were drinking, I wasn't, because I have to work sunday morning at 7:00am... why am I here right now!!??? lol anyways I drove them down to the bar and intended on going in, and hanging out for about 30 min, leaving, going for a quick workout and then back home. This is not the pub that I was at wed of course. So i'm waiting in line, and when we get up to the front, the bouncer says to me "unfortunetly I can't let you in, an officer pointed you out and said you had caused some trouble earlier this week". i was very calm and collected, and simply said, "how long will this last for?" ... he's like, i'm not sure, you can probably try coming back next week. I said "ok, thanks" smiled and left. I guess they were probably just trying to test my response and probably ban me from ALL the bars in town if I did a repeat of wednesday. The funny thing is that since school is starting i'm stopping drinking for a WHILE to concentrate on my studies. Anyways, I took my adderall today and I do notice that when I take it i'm usualyl very calm and my implusiveness almost disappears, which is wonderful. I'm living in a pretty smaller town so things of this nature get remembered more readily I suppose.