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09-08-06, 07:16 AM
Hey all...

I have some really nice sausages - steak and ironbark honey

I want ideas for what to do with them, because I hvae enough for 3 nights!

Things I have done last time..

- put them in soup, with vegetables
- ate them with a pasta side

Tonight I am going to have them with turkish bread, and I might get some little tomatoes ("tommy" tomatoes or "cherry" tomatoes) to go with it. I can't be bothered with much more.

What do YOU do with your sausages?

09-10-06, 08:43 AM
Next night (last night) I had them with a little packet of pasta side dish stuff (the stuff you buy in a packet, dry, with powder and flavours already in it - and you add the water, milk and butter and cook it on the stove). That was reasonable.

Tonight however, i did the deluxe special


The turned out great, and the whole meal was so great that I wanted to post it on here, so if you're stuck for what to cook for dinner and want something simple - would take about 20 mins to do altogether. Here goes..

BANGERS AND MASH - 'gourmet' style

Packet of gourmet/ good quality sausages (not just 'barbecue' sausages)
Gravy mix - or your own gravy recipe
Worcestershire sauce - or something else you like
1.5 medium potatoes for each person you're serving (whatever sort you use to mash, i don't know)
milk - 1/3 cup for every 2 medium potatoes (yeah, go figure!!! haha)
Brown onion (half an onion or according to your taste)
Bacon (be generous!) - just the scrappy little bits from the edge are fine, with the fat cut off
Herbs - I used rosemary because that's all that was in the kitchen at 8pm!
olive oil - or whatever cooking oil you use

You Need:
Fork or masher or 'ricer' to mash the potatoes
Bowls etc
Chopping board
Wooden spoon

Step 1 - cook the sausages in the pan, grill or whatever you use.
Step 2 - cut the potatoes into about 2 inch bits, throw them into a pot of boiling water (cook for about 15 mins or until soft enough so they taste good and are nice and crumbly and have a sort of 'sugary' texture)
Step 3 - drain sausages on paper towel
Step 4 - drain potatoes, mash potatoes with fork or whatever (i used a fork and it was fine) - to the consistency you like.
Step 5 - heat milk for about 45 seconds (i heated 1/3 cup for 20secs) until warm, pour onto mashed potatoes, stir. (when you first pour it in, it looks like too much - keep stirring!) REST (potatoes, not you!)
Step 6 - Cut the sausages in slices (about1/3 inch thick) - cut them diagonally for a nice look.
Step 7 - cut onion so that you end up with strips (i cut slices off the onion, then cut that into 3 'soldiers' like toast), cut bacon into squares (i did mine about half inch) and make sure you have cut the FAT OFF!!! :)
Step 8 - heat the pan or whatever you will use, pour in olive oil (or what you use) - please, just a small amount (don't have them swimming in it, just do a thin layer enough to not even coat the pan - you know...!)
Step 9 - add onions, stir, add bacon, stir until you're happy with it, add sausages, fry, fry fry. Add herbs. Turn off the pan and let it sit.
Step 10 - make the gravy!
Step 11 - add the mash to the plate (nice big serving please!) and 'stylishly' tip on the stuff from the pan (sausages and things!), then pour gravy ontop of the sausages and potatoes (hey - whoa, stop there, not THAT MUCH Gravy! enough to see, but not so much that it covers your whole dish!)

top with some sort of green garnish like cut herbs.


looks like a lot written out like that, but it's not trust me!

To make it easier, cook your sausages the day before and keep them in the fridge.

You can even use this for leftover sausages!

Please add your own sausage/ mash potato ideas for everyone to read.


09-10-06, 10:45 AM
One of my favorites is to brown the sausage along with sliced onions and peppers (green, red, yellow -any or all) and place in a bun. This is good with melted cheese on top.

Or with hash brown potatoes instead of on a bun.