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09-08-06, 03:51 PM
i'm afraid that I'm eating too much, now.

i don't have a weight problem, but I am beginning to eat all the time...

I keep pretty active all day, and eating is fun for me... i do enjoy it.

when is it too much?

william tell
09-08-06, 06:25 PM
when you start thinking it's too much, or you can no longer fit through the door - either one

Master Rat
09-08-06, 09:30 PM
You can not eat too much if you understand food and how to properly use it.

Get the book "The New Eight Week Collesteral Cure" by Robert Kowalski - name might be spelled right. This book may sound boring, however I found it very interresting. It changed my life, i was on the road to stroking out.

Good Luck,


09-08-06, 11:16 PM
You can not eat too much if you understand food and how to properly use it.
if that were true, dunno if I'd stop


ya, i'll be fine. I'll ease up a bit.

My thoughts go both ways- I'm hungry, but it's too much. U can have more.

Compensating with exercise is not the way to go.

09-28-06, 11:31 PM
If you eat more than 3500 calories in a day for a woman I would guess because that equals a pound. But if you are not gaining and quite active then I don't think there is a problem with it. Why are you thinking about it now? If you aren't gaining a lot of weight then enjoy!

09-29-06, 02:17 AM
I became a bit too full on life. I gave it up. Gettin' a little too soft on the outside and began to feel tense on the inside.

When you eat all the time, what would you eat?
Me, I go for sweets like ice-cream and well, you get the picture.

Don't eat all the time! Often is healthy, easy on the sweets, not including fruit I suppose. Personally, I feel empty eating fruit all the time. Eating more fruit than other things I'd say is best, but difficult to keep going, regardless.

09-29-06, 02:39 AM
Everything balances, in life, Bos.

We all do, what we have to do, at the time when we do it, ya know ?

You're an incredibly viable, wonderful person.

Remember that.

09-29-06, 01:28 PM
ya, i'm only like 160-6ft just to say, so I'm not overweight, though I do seem to have some baby fat lurking. I've always been, for the most part, at normal weight.

I swear i lost like 10 lbs in 2 days after starting adderall.. For about a week or so, I went on an eating rampage, lol. Getting all the good stuff and more than my share, lol, but I don't regret it, so much now. Thanks Nova. Not eating what I didn't incredibly enjoy.. Well, I tried to work out a lot, but the food was interfering, it was like all that was on my mind.

Since then, I'm not afraid to eat full servings without feeling overfed. And not to be afraid to enjoy the food I like, even though I may not need it.

I really had to prove that I could enjoy myself (I wasn't on meds then, which would've suppressed my appetite a lot, so I wouldn't have so much of the craving I had.)

I have to find something else, I got back on adderall xr 20mg (for now), and they have bettered by mood. I don't feel as GOOD as when I was a sugar addict, just more nuetral and less BAD and bloated.