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09-09-06, 09:16 PM
I'm thinking of being an ADD Coach. A Dr. of Psychology has encouraged me to do this and will let me use part of his office.

Before I get into the cost and education of it, I'd like to know where to find info on the sucess rate of doing this.

Is there a demand for the service? Are people who go through the training building a client base?

Is there somewhere I can find info of this type, or anyone here already a coach and maybe let me know what to expect?

Any insight would be appreciated.


09-09-06, 10:33 PM
There are currently 2 fairly new AD/HD Coaching Organizations.

AD/HD Coaches Organization (
Institute for the Advancement for AD/HD Coaching (
I think there is a demand for affordable ADD Coaching and ADD Coaching Programs.

Building a client base is not simple process. In addition to taking AD/HD Coaching training you must also learn effective marketing. Many AD/HD Coaches never really learn how to effectively market themselves and are not able to get enough clients. There are also some very successful AD/HD Coaches out there too. There is really no simple answer to whether or not you will get clients a lot will depend on what you put into marketing yourself.

09-10-06, 01:45 PM
Thanks for your input. Good links.

Is ADD coaching becoming more recognized by the medical community? I mean, has it been validated by the AMA yet? Do insurance providers recognize this also?

The Pshych I talk to is sucessful, largely because he is on several insuance panels.


09-10-06, 03:24 PM
It's still a fairly new profession and research is in it infancy. Some medical professionals who are very well versed in AD/HD recommend AD/HD Coaching and refer patients/clients to AD/HD Coaches.

Insurance does not cover AD/HD Coaching as "AD/HD Coaching". The only way it's covered right now is if a therapist or counselor is also an AD/HD Coach but bills is as counseling/therapy.

06-24-10, 09:33 AM
Do you need a degree for coaching? I began my major in psychology a few yrs ago but had to quit to work full time. I dont see that I will be able to get any further with my degree but i have been told I have a knack for being able to help people. i dont know what is available in PA without a license OR if there is any way to do online courses for therapy