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09-11-06, 10:04 PM
Hi Everyone! I have been a Figure Skating Instructor for almost 8 years now. I love working with children. I have one student who is quite talented but she can't focus very well. I have ADD as well, so I am very understanding. I noticed it when she was about 5, and kept telling the parents that she should be tested for ADHD. They looked at me like I was an idiot and rediculous for even bringing it up. Two years later, they finally decided to take her to a psychologist to have her evaluated.

The problem is is that her parents don't want her taking medication. They have her on some pine tree herb to help her focus. It seems to work a little bit but I really think that she should be on a low dose of psychostimulant. I am no professional, but well researched on the subject. I can understand the concern for their daughters health. I just want her to be the best little skater she can be before it's too late.

This is a really sensitive subject and I would like some input. Any sugestions would be great!

09-11-06, 10:40 PM
I wonder if they have her on the pycnogenol. It is showing some promise for attention. It is really very difficult to make mention of these delicate issues like the one you are in with your student. It takes sometimes many seeds to grow a tree of realization, and you did plant! I wonder if the best advise you can give, is to share, if you have not already, any medication you are on yourself and how much of a difference it has made. Maybe pass along this website to her parents so they know they are not so alone, and can get some different ideas. Those are my thoughts. Best of luck, and I applaud you for making such a difference in a talented young person's life! :-)

09-11-06, 10:59 PM
Thank you my dear! That's what I have been doing for a long time. Yes she is on Pycnogenol. It seems to help some but not a whole lot. The best thing I can do is give feedback about her progress and let them know about this website. I think that they may have seen it already. I just don't want them to know that I am talking about it here. It is sort of a private matter to them. Thanks again for being so sweet!

10-14-06, 03:13 AM
It may sound a bit strange but suggest that they get an OT eval done. She is young enough that she may be dealing with some sensory issues that can be corrected if they are diagnosed and treated. I realize that skating is physically demanding but that does not mean that all of the sensory network is working and developed. Parts of it can be highly developed while other areas are week. See the Sensory Forum for more info.

As her trainer /teacher you may notice that she has better attention after she does certain spins or fast movement...this can be an indicator. As a parent I can understand their concern if she is only 7.

11-20-06, 12:54 PM
As a youth football coach for the last 5 years, (4-7th grades) I would like to add this advice.

Be careful.

Some parents don't see or understand the genuine concern beyond our sport we develop for the children we coach. They see our role as beginning and ending on the field, or in your case on the ice. And when we start asserting ourselves beyond that, it can be a normal reaction for some parents to pull their child out of the sport or team we coach. To them, the sport is our only concern and everything else, we are supposed to ignore.

Also, some parents may be alarmed enough at finding out that we are on meds for a mental condition to pull their child out as well.

So, be sure to step back and gauge your parent/coach relationship, being sure to look at it from their point of view before pressing the subject more than you already have.

Hope this helps.