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09-14-06, 04:50 PM
Well, my son is 13 and has adhd. He just started 7th grade last week. I have always e-mailed his teachers to keep informed of any issues or concerns. Today, his resource teacher e-mailed me to say that he has been picking his nose and sucking his thumb. Other students are distracted and disturbed and when it comes to working in a group they don't want him included. I e-mailed her and said that I would have him bring in a fidget toy for him. I also e-mailed his other teachers and aked them if he does the same thing in their classes. I am so upset and just spoke to my mom about this. She told me to not get upset and try to come up with a plan. She was kinda of mad because first of all she made a comment to say, how many boys and girls are walking out of the bathroom during school and not washing their hands. Germs are germs, however I said they would come back with well, we don't see that as a problem because we don't see it. Ya know, they want these kids to pay attention and focus and don't be distracted, well, why doesn't the teacher say to the other kids, don't worry what the other kid is doing, pay attention and I will worry about it. I have asked him why he does it and he says his nose itches. I said if your nose itches just take your finger and just rub the outside of the nose instead of going inside. And also asked him why are you putting your fingers in your mouth? He doesn't do this over the summer. Any suggestions for me. What would you guys do in this case?

09-14-06, 05:04 PM
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I'm wondering if he might have some sort of tic or OCDish behavioral going on, possibly even some aspergers type issues -- only a professional on the scene will be able to tease that apart. I would encourage you to take him to a psychologist or child psychiatrist to explore what's going on. I taught 7th grade and know that unusual behaviors really can isolate a kid or make them the brunt of jokes.

Let us know how it goes.

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09-14-06, 05:15 PM
My skin can itch when I tic

I've also read lists of tics that include thumb sucking. You might check out some of the posts in the Tourettes section of the board. If your son isn't making any unusual noices, it isn't Tourettes, but it could be a tic disorder and those are discussed there too.


Matt S.
09-18-06, 12:41 PM
schools tend to exaggerate... i.e. I was just hyper to the extreme... got work done too fast and was bored and acted out (why I was on dexedrine at age 6 and still am) I was in all AP classes yet my behavior was always inappropriate (i was the quintessential "demon child" setting fires was a bully a goth-to-the extreme teen) and i was just bored now I know your son may have differences but when I was in school (only 26 y/o) they seemed to pay close attention to the behavior of Hyper kids rather than learning but I would hear the school called and not realize I did anything