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09-14-06, 06:08 PM
The on-line ttest thing is in here ( in chit chat. This is the article that I was reading when my ADD lead me to the on-line test.

LD on-line (

***Source Quote
Ali Bazley, of the British Dyslexia Association suggests that dyslexics who struggle make up for it by being more creative, and looking at the bigger picture. "People with dyslexia, are often very good lateral and strategic thinkers." (Express & Echo, Exeter, October 8, 2003.)
End Quote***

Okay so I like it better than I must be stupid because I can't spell. Besides I think having dyslexia and ADD combined has taught me how to roll with the punches so to speak. Many non- LD kids find the early struggles in adult hood a surprise where as those of us who have had a hard time sense grade one reach adulthood already accustom to obstacles.

Hope some one popps down here to give comment. :o

09-14-06, 06:22 PM
That was weird - I too the test and posted my results here and asked you what your score was.
Now it's gone. and so are the last several I made.
well 18 was mine.

09-14-06, 06:23 PM
aha - not the same thread. I was sure I was losing it...

09-15-06, 01:43 AM
Hey I have done that my self. I didn't want to share my score until some opne else did . . . .chicken I know.

I too scored an 18. . . . . it is nice to see some thing good attached to such a frustrating thing as suckie spelling abilities.

A lot of people want a dyslexia sub-forum but fail to post in the one we have I see that as strange but I doubt it will make me rich. . .. .

millionare minded is looking towards the one of my life goals. . . . my life long dream is to be rich and unemployeed. . . .okay so I can do unemployeed really well now all I need are the instructions to the rich part - so I can enjoy being unemployeed actaully I am under employeed by choice right now. lol!

*~ žEEK ~*
09-16-06, 10:42 AM
What is your millionaire potential?

Your score is: 22

You're in the top group - score 17 - 25
You've got top-dollar millionaire potential. You're careful with your money and have a healthy attitude to it. You're hard-working and determined to be successful.

To bad my ADD keeps getting in the way! :D

09-17-06, 01:37 AM
Whoa Seek! You did better than I did!

Good point it didn't say if ADD "cancled" out the results. Dyslexia and ADD do tend to keep each other company I think a lot of dyslexics have ADD 40%? If I remember right (some times possible some time well no body is perfect-lol)

09-17-06, 08:46 AM
Are Dyslexia and Wealth Linked?
I see the initial question posted and immediately my mind pops up with, "Not in this family!":p (Don't I wish!;) ).


*~ žEEK ~*
09-17-06, 09:26 AM
I see the initial question posted and immediately my mind pops up with, "Not in this family!":p (Don't I wish!;) ).

Scattered Yeah, I've never suffered from having to much money! LOL :D

They say money can't buy happiness, but I can think of a few things to buy that would certainly make me a lot more cheerful! :D