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09-14-06, 07:15 PM
hi i'm new here.i'm a proud father of a 10yr old boy who has aspergers and adhd.we have tried him on everything you can possibly try with no success.our psych told us he is the most strung out kid he has seen.he also said the way he reacts to these meds is very unique.the ones he said that are guaranteed to work do nothing.for school he has a sheet where he is graded up to 100% and today he came home with a score of 68% because he couldn't pay our psych said he could try him on daytrana or the one that is the brother to abilify(i forgot the name)by the way abilify had the opposite effect on him.:confused: see ya and keep your chins up

D.B. Cooper
09-14-06, 07:55 PM
Daytrana is just the transdermal patch of ritalin. Same exact drug its just a different delivery system. Another parent was asking about it yesterday.

Its really new so i havent heard of any adults on it yet but i imagine its exactly like any of the extended release ritalin pills (concerta).

balancing act
09-16-06, 04:36 AM
i just logged my and my 9yo's experiences in the medication /ritalin section- i won't repeat here, but you can go see it there if you are interested..
Son likes it a lot.
that sure makes it easier to get him to "take" it.
Balancing act