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09-15-06, 04:23 PM
Ok, I've been taking adderall for a while now, and I've come up with a list of hints that may be helpful:

1.) Expect things to be better, but not perfect. One thing to keep in mind is that even "normal" people sometimes lose focus, get distracted or bored, have bad days, or procratinate. The goal is be more like a "normal" person with a normal reserve of attention, and a normal ability to get things done. If you get distracted, it may not be that the medicine isn't working, rather it may be that there was some stimuli that would distract anyone.

2) Remember that Adderall is one piece of a larger treatment plan. It will help you gain the mindset to cope with ADHD. However, one still needs to learn new behaviors and break bad habits - especially those of us who are older. I have thirty years of ADHD habits to break. Adderall helps make the new behaviors possible. The best thing is Adderall working in concert with a behavioral program to combat ADHD.

3) Adderall can induce insomnia. Take the pill early in the morning, and stay away from caffeine and it will improve. If you still can't sleep, your dose is probably too high. Other posters on this forum have given some good tips to improve the sleeping situation.

4) Definitely start at a low dose and build up to the ideal dose. Don't skip ahead. There is nothing like finding the perfect dose. Let being patient with this titration process be your first ADHD victory.

5) I find that drug holidays and vacations are a help. As you learn new behaviors on the medication you will eventually, with effort, see that the behaviors start to stick even without the meds. This will help your confidence which can thwart psychological addicition to Adderall. Heck, maybe at some point we can kick Adderall to the curb.

6) Eat. Remember to Eat. I found that a lot of my early irritability and fatique was a result of not eating enough. Once I ensured that my intake of calories was sufficient, my irritablity and fatigue vanished. I had been attributing all of this to a rebound effect of the medication, but I am now convinced that it had more to do with proper nutrition.

09-15-06, 04:51 PM
Thanks for the helpful hints. I especially like #5. I hope to someday kick the adderall to the curb. Though right now, it's improved my quality of life.

09-15-06, 09:46 PM
Some other Addy things to ponder...

1) I have heard not to take Addy with juice that contains citric acid. Not sure how true this is but I have heard it has something to do with the acid being absorbed quickly into the liver and then flushed out the body. The Addy might tend to "stick" to the acid and be flushed out quickly as well

2) I have also heard not to take it with other meds or vitamins. Wellbuterin is an exception and it may actually increase the effects of Adderall.

Not suggesting these are stone cold facts, actually wondering what others might think about these things. But they are things I have heard discussed with the taking of Adderall.

09-17-06, 01:00 PM
Regarding citric acid, amphetamine is a weak base and is annihilated by acid. So if you consume it with something acidic, it will reduce bioavailability. If you consume it with something basic, it will increase bioavailability.

09-18-06, 10:53 AM

Great thoughts. I'm new to ADHD treatment (& OCD & GAD), so your advice is most helpful. Patience, reasonable expectations, following directions, etc. I know with my own perfectionism, my pharmaceutical expectations must be tempered with reality and patience.

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