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09-23-06, 07:25 PM
The ADD/ADHD Messy Home Companion: Episode 1

A Soap-Free, Meandering & Free-Form Cyber-Parody of The Prairie Home Companion

The ADD Forums Comedy Playhouse Cyber-Theater of the Neurally Diverse, all Co-morbid Disorders welcome!

Produced by: RADDmom, who loves puns with her Last Post Coffee

Sponsored by: Prater Flakes and Last Post Coffee

This week's episode is dedicated to Crazy~Feet, our finder of lost posts and Moogie of Neuro-Biological Diversity, and Seeker of the perfect title. We are just wondering, at this calm, peaceful moment of our day, when the children are out to play, and you are lying, exhausted, synapses failing to synapse, and your dendrites are wilting in the heat, what happens when you reach 4400 posts? Will you be salivatin', or our lost post salvation.

Welcome to the first globally broadcast episode of the ADD/ADHD Messy Home Companion.

Reaching the small town in Western Australia who name has become entangled in the detritius of my memory, ocean waves lapping at the shore, taking the towers of forgotten sandcastles out to sea. From there, to the cities of America, where the ones caught in rush hour, quietly slip home, not wanting the neighbors to know their keys are in the house and they have to help the kids slip in through the bathroom window again.

Setting: Calm peaceful scene outside Rusty Denton's Used Car Body Shop

I got to thinkin' bout them old time shows we'uns used to watch on them thar black and white TVs. I am cleanin' mah car and waxing nostalgic for them days of no cyberspace, no computers, and most bewilderin' of all, no diagnosis or treatment for our neuro-biologial diversificashun. It were when this here idear came into mah head to writ this meanderin' of mah frontal lobes thoughts about livin' with that thar disorder they call 'tenshun defsit disodor.

Setting: The Velvet Cathedrals of Space, Where No Neurotypical Dares to Go

Now, distracted to something completely different. Different from what you ever thought of before. Shinier than those shiny things in your bags and boxes. Traveling to places where we offer you neurological stimulation unlike any ever before available in the this ever-expanding butterfly filled, bicycle-riding world of cyber friendship. Feeling Those Old, Hot and Humid, Summertime Blues? Let's build our imaginary rocket and travel to the place where all the adults with ADD are delightfully distracted and all their children are hyperactive or inattentive, but always above average! Well, all you adults, boys and girls out there, chasing butterflies and wandering in the verdant canyons of your mind; sit back and curl up next to one of you unpacked boxes from our rocket trip. Get ready for some foot tapping, neurologically stimulating fun this evening on The ADD/ADHD, Messy Home Companion.

The story will continue -when? When I remember to sit down and write another scene, when the meds are at ideal levels, and when the inspiration causes hyperfocus!