View Full Version : Lost In The Tempest .....Letting Go Of The Rope

09-25-06, 09:48 AM
This morning I woke up from a "sleepless” sleep. This is what my soul cried out...

Obsession, spinning out of control.

Like a small ship tossed in a storm,

Why don't you understand, your obsession is smothering my soul?

I can't say it any clearer, though I have tried many different ways,

Everything I say falls on deaf ears,as I stand screaming into the tempest storm

I fell like a mute, lost in the dark and I am just praying for dawns hope the suns healing rays.

My soul lost in the murky deep dark of your turmoil,

Dying more each day, squeezing life's very breath from me.

I can't break free , and now feel empty and exhausted from all my fruitless toil

I grieve the days long gone, of freedom and life , full of dreams

Now lost too, the murky darkness that has drowned my soul,

I search in the darkness that lives in every crevice of my mind and soul , for some glimpse of the sun's lifegiving beams.

I am weary and all used up, only sorry I have stayed so long, always scared to leave to admit I failed,

And now I only see resentful bitterness, looking full into the mirror of my life,

I realize any hope of redemption means the journey of Us must end, and the feeding frenzy on my very being must be curtailed.

I take responsibility for all that I have done to make the sickness grow

I am not afraid to see the face of the monster, my very own creation

I am also not afraid to face my biggest fears, and let it all go.

The time is very near to say goodbye, to all the pain and endless tears,

Time for a new chapter of life ,a future full of hope and redemption of once lost dreams

Time to say goodbye to the sickness of my self, and the stifling suffocation of both of our fears.

Goodbye, I hope you find yourself again one day,

I have to let go of the rope now,

Before you take me down with you , into your self created death and decay.

Goodbye, I am not strong enough to heal your broken mind

I have tried to be God to you, and you embraced the thought easily,

But it has been my souls death, and for me to live, I have to cut all the ties that bind.

Goodbye my old love, I hope you live once again

I hope you learn not be to afraid, and find the courage as I did,

Because with me, your life can never begin

You must have loved me once, a long time ago,

But now I am just an obsession that fills all of your waking thoughts,

And for both of us to live, you too have to let me go.

Goodbye.....I have to go now ..I will always remember and I will love you...always..

Hope 9 / 25/ 06