View Full Version : adderall XR and headaches... coincidence or side effect

09-28-06, 06:41 PM
Hi all,
I've just started the adderall XR, started at 10mg Sunday thru Wednesday. Today I started on 20mg...anyone else get a killer headache when it starts to wear off and beyond?
I take my pills around 730am and woke up with a throbbing frontal lobe headache about 115 this morning.
I notice that I'm getting a headache in that same location right now, me, or the med? anything known to alleviate it?


09-28-06, 08:27 PM
I would talk to your Dr. about this if I were you. Your Dr. would like to know how your are responding this early, and he/she can help you rule out if it is you or the Adderall.

As far as anything known to alleviate it, my Dr. told me years ago that it was better for me to take ibuprofen (Advil) if I ever had a headache, than it was to take aspirin, Tylenol, or Alieve. I never questioned why when he told me that, but I suspect he knew of a good reason, or I doubt he would have suggested a specific one like he did.

I hope you are able to get rid of that headache, and I also hope that you are able to tell your Dr. these symtoms you are having.