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10-02-06, 08:30 PM
There's a brand new book out about ADD / ADHD and Eating Disorders!

Pieces of the Puzzle - The Link Between Eating Disorders and ADD

Author - Carolyn Piver Dukarm, MD

It can be ordered through ( or at

10-03-06, 06:45 PM
Thanks! I will definitly be ordering that. I only really realised and got treated for ADD once I was actually recovering from eating disorders. For me there is a HUGE link in the EDs used as coping for the ADD symtoms.

01-06-07, 11:33 PM
Am still seeking answers and appreciate ideas. Thanks for the recommendations!
I did find hypnosis helpful, once I found the "right" hypnotherapist; made some breakthroughs but still a ways to go. Trying not to just throw money at the problem by buying all the books I see.

02-02-07, 05:18 PM
Thank you so much for posting this!! :D

Joseph Merrick
03-24-07, 11:19 AM
Has anyone read this? Any reviews?

03-24-07, 07:12 PM
All this time I thought I was overweight from AGE...but now we know it's from ADD?

08-13-07, 08:49 AM
I have had issues with my wieght for years. I have been up and down like a yo-yo losing upto 5stone at a time and then putting it all back on. I havent read that book but I did read somewhere else about the link between add and obesity.
I have had a gastric band fitted and it seems to work for me. I need a sharp reminder not to overeat as I think I dont listen to my body telling me when it is full., I find myself with my head in the fridge without realizing how I even got there. My eating habits were terrible I just had no control over my impulses which fits with my type of add. I would be very distracted at the dinner table even more so since I have to feed small kids at the same time as feed myself so I wouldnt even realize how much food I was shovelling in. I would also use food to calm myself down in the evenings as this was the time I am most restless.
I have to say the band has helped enormously and retrained me in my eating habits.

09-22-07, 12:59 PM
I wanted to let those of you interested in this thread know that AD/HD Expert Patricia Quinn M.D. is leading a free teleclass about ADHD and Eating Disorder Tuesday night. Those interested can sign up at

01-07-08, 06:31 PM
I went to see Dr. Dukarm (the author of the book posted above) and began her treatment program about a month ago. I've had body image problems my whole post-pubescent life, and "official" eating disorders (anorexia and bulimia) since age 16 (I'm now 25). Dr. Dukarm's treatment has changed my life, and I highly recommend contacting her if you think your binge eating is related to ADD. She has a very thorough testing process and is a very kind person.

01-10-08, 04:49 AM
Can't help but wonder how much of the eating disorder is caused by the way ADDers are treated because they are different. . . . while treating them may be made more difficult due to the symptoms of ADD especially if those symptoms remain untreated.

Just a thought while I am in the neighborhood - okay leaving neighborhood now .

01-11-08, 01:13 AM
deps on the drugs they given and what foods they eat iam shore there are meny things that add to this that make add worc and better as well theres so much to it much more than meeets the eye