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10-05-06, 12:53 AM
There must be something in this forum about moving, but I don't have the patience to find it right now. I move every year around Seattle, and I have to get out of my 2 story 3 bedroom house very soon, but...(very predictably) HOW DO I END THE CYCLE OF MOVING UNORGANIZED BOXES OF JUNK MIXED WITH IMPORTANT THINGS AND CLOTHES AND GARBAGE from house to house? I never ever get fully moved in. I am sick of living in cluttered filth and I know my stress/anxiety/depression/ will fade so much if I had a real and balanced living environment. I work and go to school full time so time is really an issue.

My ideas:

Spend a bunch of money on a storage space in public storage and put my junk there until I am properly moved in ...

umm that is all I have. And my panic contributes to my procrastination.

I have about two weeks. But I have a Biology exam on Friday, and I work before/after classes. :***(

10-05-06, 08:35 AM
Be merciless.

The Fly Lady (house cleaning wiz, she has a website) recommends once a year clean the house as if we're moving.

If you haven't used it in a year, (and if it isn't an heirloom) throw it out, give it away, or sell it.

My friend who used to own a moving truck business said do one box a day. I tried it. I tend to work full on or full off, so I usually did 5 boxes or zero. But I did make an effort at the one-box theory and it is helpful.

So I'd say don't spend money on storage; invest in big garbage bags instead. :D

p.s. For my house I used P.O.D.S. (portable on demand storage) Very useful if you think you need it.

Just out of curiosity, why do you move every year? Or is that a need-to-know and I don't need to know?

10-05-06, 01:12 PM
well as a student and with my a.d.d., i'm always procrastinating and rushing and doing school work and regular work, so when leases are up, i never got the time to really look properly for the perfect residence. plus, after a year at one place, too many things about the place annoy me so i feel i have to move. this time our landlord wants us out since our lease is up and he was a jerkface.

i don't have a place yet, so in my mind i say, "i don't have to pack yet", as if classes will somehow have less work toward the end of the month....

i have made lots of donate boxes in the past year, but they just ended up sitting in the bottoms of closets and in the corners of rooms. i am such a mess.

10-05-06, 02:12 PM
I was thinking about donating too, but I just know it's never going to happen, so I just throw that stuff away. Costs some Karma, but you can't always win, I guess ;)

10-05-06, 02:20 PM
Moving can be a real pain in the ***.

I'm with EYEFORGOT on this one, if I even have to think about why I need to keep an item, it's gone. What you really need to have should be readily obvious and the things you 'think' you 'might need some day', are most likely in the junk category.

The only thing I horde these days is computer parts because I can't get rid of my geek like habits. : /

Good luck to you Iwalani8!

I would come help you move but I just got done helping my sister and I’m fresh out of motivation! ;)

10-06-06, 11:19 AM
I am moving in with my fiance next week, and the entire process is eating away at me like crazy!

I try packing boxes, etc., one at a time. Now I have boxes everywhere and it pops me into a state of nervousness. Nothing is where it seems, and i haven't a clue when is the right time to pack something, because what if I pack it and I need it before I move?

To compound the matter, I have begun moving things to his house, so half my stuff is at his place, half at mine, and no idea what stuff is where. So I might spend an hour looking for something, and think 'Maybe it's at his place.'

Plus, being ADHD means I like stuff where I have it, and my stuff isn't where I generally want it. So I feel my internal chaos is being magnified by my external chaos.

Thank GOD I saw my therapist this week, who said that there is just nothing I can do to really 'ease' it, and I just have to forge through it. Take very small chunks at a time, reiterate internally this is temporary and is just an activity that I can't avoid and that is not ADHD friendly, but is temporary.
But boy howdy, does this seem like it's taking forever!!!

10-13-06, 12:36 AM
Hey Iwalani8 I am moving myself I am moving to a town about 30 miles away Nov 1st. I am presently doing a box a day thing however it will heat up at the end because Gary is not although I will pack mine and ours I am not packing his packing his collection of crap so Gary will be running around like a mad man or the landlord will inherit it. By the way if your landlord is a jerk face will he still give you your deposit back? :D

I The first thing I did was pack things like my shot glasses from around the country collection, then it was my collector coffee cups, yesterday it was all the small crap on my dresser and books that are not references books I frequently use. Between this post and going into to general and seeing what is happening in there I am going to finish today with the larger items still left on my wall. Three things remain will be the clock, the calendar, and the key, coupon, umbrella and hanging crap-up hook thingy.

Begin packing with any and all decorative things, pictures any thing NOT needed to function. . . . which is why the clock calendar keys hook thing will probably be left until the last day or two here. Then move to out of season clothes, books not used in the past three months, extra sheets, table clothes, ect .

I also have been known to use rags, beach towels, doilies, ect to line the boxes I packed my glass collection of shot galsses and coffee cups. I don't have to have as much news paper that way.

. . . . Next week I plan on beginning with the platters, extra utensils salad bowls things that go a week without being used.

10-13-06, 02:34 AM
To include some hyper links to moving threads I ran across, if they deal with moving some thing besides ones belongings please accept my early aopolgies.

OKay a few other thought I had between activites

You move about like I do here are some little tid bits that may help for those who tend to be nomadic

•Avoid packing by room – I have a system I call the cluster pack system. I pack in cluster according to function / use Example all pictures hanging all the wall, all collector item coffee cups, all books not used for reference labeled “not-ADD/not medical books”. Summer clothes, large cook ware ect. . . . . . . . . . . . . .This is very handy when it comes to unpacking. All the stuff used the least will be placed in the new house or storage pod first with the most frequently used going in last then what you will need first will be to the door side of the storage area or the outer layer of boxes in the new house. Chances are I am going to need my work clothes before I need my collection of shot glasses. Because we already have a key to the other house stuff will be moved over there as opposed to a storage area. Shot glasses will go in first as more and more stuff goes over there the layers of boxes will increase having things like shot glasses closest to the wall while things moved in later . . . .like work uniform . . I will move I in last so the uniforms will be closer to the center of the room or on top thus easier to get to.

•Store all out of season clothes in labeled boxes (label some thing like “unseasoned or out of season so one doesn’t have to keep changing the label) When it comes time to move them they are already packed. The same goes for heirlooms, keep sakes, old martial arts weapons, and Christmas decorations I even have a plastic crate my older family photo albums live in all the time . When I go to move those I will simply pick up the boxes or photo album crate and move they are already packed they stay that way . . . . so to speak. My Christmas decorations live a box so marked when I take them down they will go in the same box they were moved in. Seasonal decorations should remain packed so to speak when not is use saves time when moving.

•If you know you are nomadic after the move flatten the boxes still in good shape one can store apx 30 flattened boxes under a queen size bed. About the same amount of smaller boxes will fit under one couch and matching love seat. . . .added benefit with boxes under there stuff doesn’t roll way under these heavy pieces of furniture either. Due to bug and dist mite issues I would only keep flattened tied together boxes if one moves frequently say every two years . This won’t work the same for those who move once every ten years

• I went to begin packing some of my boxes were already labeled from moving here . . . . if I want to use the box for some thing different I draw black “X” through previous list put the box together so that what was the top before is the bottom now so previous list will be on the bottom. When I make a new list or repack the same stuff as on the old list I always mark month and year next to it . . . . . .prevents me from wondering if I forgot to label the box or used it for the same stuff I see 10/06 I know that it is the same stuff in a reused box.

•Rid your self of stuff not used in the past year to six months. The exception might be formals, suites . . . . .but if ya ain’t worn it in the past year chances are you will not wear it again. If it is the wrong size ditch it now! I mean if one really looses that extra 25 pound one won’t wear the clothes that size in the closet no . . . . .. we not want to buy new ones.

•Children’s school papers, report cards ect accordion files one can store years of these things in one of those. My files system for the last ten years has been one of those hanging folders that yep has a drawer in a crate I tape it shut with one piece of duck tape and away it goes. That stupid thing was one of the few things that survived my house fire in 2003 and it has moved four fixing to be five times.

So If one moves like the wind changes directions then simply invest in decorative crates, which not only serve as good storage bins but decrease packing time permanently.

11-03-06, 05:04 PM
hey thanks for the tips. i've started packing. i am donating probably 5 huge boxes of clothes. i can't wait to get them out of here. i am going to make a moving inventory of stuff, because i realized i have duplicates (or more) of almost everything. i buy stuff i need, then lose it. then i have to buy it again next time i need it. i'm going to change my life around when i move, i really love the condo i am getting. i'm getting rid of EVERYTHING i don't need or haven't used and i'm going to make sure everything i do keep has a home. i have spent quite a bit of $$ at "storables" and "ikea" but i know that if i want to change permanently, it will take a little investment. i have two weeks until i need to be done!!!

11-20-06, 11:16 AM
Hi Iwanali8

HOw is it going? Have you already moved?

I noticed this thread slightly late but I had a few ideas for you.

Me, rather than buying cardboard boxes at moving co, I spent a few extra $ and got rubbermaid containers. They are sturdier and better protect your things, plus you can reuse them, plus they are there next time you move.

That advice of if you havent used it in a yr get rid of it, its good advice but not very easy to follow, especially if you are a pack rat like me. But really try your best because it will help get rid of some clutter. Or else store it all in a container in basement or attic, if he anxiety of deciding what to keep and what to get rid of will just make you feel worse, see.

Another thing, people offer to help which seems cool at first but then, to me anyway, it makes it worse because they are either always asking where stuff goes or which box to put x y and z in, or else they pack it up without asking then you are so lost after without a clue where stuff is, sure they can label boxes but without writing things individually who REALLY knows whats where, that is just how i am about it.

WInter stuff....right that could cover so many different things, you have to look in it anyway to see exactly what winter stuff it is, see.
Better yet, hats gloves ski pants, etc.

OK I hope it went well!


11-20-06, 12:58 PM
I had to move from Houston to Oregon once, and I was totally overwhelmed. My therapist told me to make a list of everything I needed to do and check things off as I went. It worked. I also had help packing, even though other people don't pack the same way as I do, I am so picky I would never get it done by myself.

I also recommend separating into areas of keep, throw away and give away (or garage sale) That was the biggest help in my last move.

Hope you are through the worst of it! Good luck! :p

11-20-06, 09:35 PM
welllllllll just got my keys. and have to be out of old house by tomorrow. haven't packed because i just couldn't. still need to call to get a u-haul and set up utilities. but it's too late for that today!

amazing, i'm not panicking right now

11-23-06, 04:51 AM
I am in my new home we have been here about 10 days now. . . I am glad I labeled all the boxes made un-packing so much easier. . . . after the heavy stuff was moved in and in the right room and set up I was able to dispense the boxes according to the proper room. . . the kitchen is completely unpacked, having to find the food and a glass in which to pour a drink of tea it was the first room un-packed, the dining room is completely un-packed the bathroom is almost complete. . . I had to move around some shelves because the bath didn't have enough storage. . . .I found the bed today. . . it was that thing holding up all those clothes. . . . yea we can stop sleeping on those nasty sleeping bags on the floor. . . .

This leaves 50% the computer room, 50% of our bed room , and about 25% of the living room, 20% of the bathroom, left to unpack. . .we still don't have pictures up or any thing like that but those kind of things I do last any way unless the picture is big and bulky then I hang it to get it out of the way. . . . . we still haven't found the telephone. . . we are supposed to have phone service but we simply can't find the blooming phone. Luckily we have our cell phones which we use most of the time any way, internet is through the cable . . . .

Iwalani hey hope we haven't heard from you in a day or so because you are busy packing???? If not turn the computer off and get busy-LOL. . . . .the sooner you do it the sooner it will be over. . . over that is the bast part . . . it just seems to take forever!!!

11-24-06, 09:45 PM
well... luckily we found out we have until the end of the month to be completely out. so right now, the old place is a MESS. a horrible mess. but the big stuff is moved. and i'm just going through the mess and throwing a LOT of things out, and making a ton of donate boxes. i just don't understand how i accumulated all this junk. and also, i keep finding duplicates upon duplicates of things (nail clippers, brushes, spray cleaner, etc...)... i wish i could keep track of things when i get them, so i don't need to buy another one when i need it again. i'm hoping to arrange the new place with more sense. it's bee tedious, still not done, but at least today it was pouring rain...

11-24-06, 11:07 PM
Write the ROOM it is going to on the box (top and 1-2 sides). eg BATHROOM

Below that, write the contents
-toilet brush,
-cleaning supplies,
-shower curtain


Have a packing party and invite friends.
-People tend to come for food and stuff, so serve Pizza and Beer.
-Have good music, to provide Energy. :)
-Have Markers for Marking the Box & its contents


Pack & mark 2-3 boxes (min) per day, yourself.
-this prevents leaving it all to the last minute.

11-24-06, 11:15 PM
I saw a woman on one of those organizing shows on TV who had her bathroom reorganized and she got some see through storage boxes with lids and literally labelled each box, e.g. makeup, feminine supplies, bath soap

and so if she couldn't remember if she had green eyeshadow, she could check the appropriate box. bingo! sounded like a great idea to me!

11-25-06, 07:08 AM
I normally write the contence of what is in the box but getting Gary to write which room it went into was challenging enough. I guess in a way it is a good thing I packed most of our stuff and all of my things because I knew what was in each box I packed.

After we got here he would be looking for his toiletries, tools and trousers and I would tell him they had to be in one of the un-marked boxes. . I don't know what is in the boxes you packed Gary you didn't label the boxes. I did notice the last couple he packed did have the room it came from and few few of the items contained within. . . this is our third move together I think he may finally understand why I take the time to write all that stuff on the boxes I packed.

I have moved so many times in my life I have it almost down to a science. I even know what to pack first and why. . . the minute I know I am moving for sure I always begin with the fragile decorative things like pictures and knick-knacks. I have a couple of reason for doing it this way #1 - I can live without decorative things and wall hangings (main clock and calendar are the only exceptions) #2 - plus many of these things are fragile requiring careful packing, they take the longest. I find I have the most time when I first know I am moving. As move day gets closer I get more and more rushed the last couple of days I won't feel like carefully packing diddly I will want to chunk stuff in a box and get it the heck over with.

#3 -The stuff we packed first got moved first. When placed in the new house the decorative stuff got shoved in closets, on shelves and against the walls. The stuff like clothes shoes tooth brushes and work uniforms were packed last thus brought over to the new house last. Boxes containing those necessary to work and live things are further way from the wall or closer to the top of box piles and thus easier to find and reach (even with an ADD man moving some of it) I didn't have to go digging through my wall hanging or coffee cup collection to find work uniforms. . . the coffee cup collection was (still is) buried in the bedroom closet because they came over first my work uniforms were sitting on top of my bed because they came over last. . .

Gary thought I was being silly. He wanted to pack room by room which is great if you don't mind going with out your trousers for three weeks!!! I pack by type and frequency of use. Decorative things are not really "used" they can be packed away for two months and it won't hurt any thing however having my tooth brush packed for two weeks (never mind two months) may cause a severe case of halitosis.

12-02-06, 12:01 PM
our landlord gave us an extra day after november, and we are just now finishing clearing our stuff out!!! it is 8 in the morning here, and after i spent 12 hours straight (11 am to 11 pm) working on a final paper that had been due at 4 pm, i went back to the old place to finish the move. all i can say is no matter what happens, i'm NOT MOVING AGAIN NEXT YEAR!! considering i've moved about 10 times in the past 7 years, i should be a pro, but i seem to be devolving in the area of common sense, organization, and consistency as i get older.

unfortunately it snowed a lot this week here, which is something this city is not equipped for, and it is finals. on top of moving, i'm surprised i still feel halfway sane.