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10-06-06, 01:02 AM

My 10 yo 5th grade DD has ADHD combined type with an expressive language disorder.

We have started therapy with her but are just now working on charts.

I asked her therapist about her expressive language disorder, and maybe I just didn't assimilate what she told me (I too am adhd), but I left with the feeling that I was told that there wasn't anything I could do about it...?

Now, I tried to bring this up in a meeting I had at her school (in which I was totally out of my league and got completely walked all over), and her teacher said he sees no problem....? Huh?
You should hear this kid try to tell a come away knowing less by the time she's done than you did before she spoke a word! Very very confusing output!

Anyone dealing with similar issues with their child that can point me in a direction to help her?



10-07-06, 05:27 PM
We are kinda in the same place as you are. We suspect there is more going on with our son then adhd, and are looking into some thing that it might be. What I have learned about expressive language disorders is that it is not treatable with medications. It is something that needs to be addressed with toutoring, and speech therapy.
Sometimes because of politics schools can be hard to work with. I would suggest finding an advocate to help you out with getting them to work with you and yor child. I know CHADD can help with finding an advocate in your area for the adhd, but I am not sure if this same advocate could help with the other. It is worth looking into, and maybe even if they can't help you, they can point you towards someone who can.

10-07-06, 05:35 PM
Thanks so much for your reply!

I will look into these things and see what I can do/find. I feel sometimes like our lives our frieght trains moving along at full speed and that diagnosing and treating move along like molasses. Kinda of a feeling of being "left behind" so to speak.

Interesting that you mention that you think there might be more going on with your son.....

After watching last weeks episode of house (had the autistic child on it) and the references to house having asperger's, I am planning on asking DD's therapist and pediatrician if there is any possibility of this being an issue with DD.

I have already spokedn to my therapist asking to be formally tested as my diagnosis (not formal or testing based) is ADHD combined type and Bi Polar, but I suspect after doing some reading on Asperger's that I may not be Bi-Polar and that my rage problems (along with other things) are possibly low frustration tolerance or maybe better put as easily over stimulated?

Anyhow thanks again for the pointers, they are SO much appreciated. !!