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10-08-06, 06:27 PM
When Dolls Cry

A little girl came into her sun-shiny room and said, "Hello, Silly Sally. How are you doing today?"

She said this to the happily smiling doll on the floor.

The doll had brown yarn hair; button eyes, stitched on smile, stitched on body parts with cotton on the inside.

The girl changed her voice and said, "I'm doing well today, Miss Elizabeth".

The girl played teatime with her doll for hours on end like an endless dream.

They had so much fun she didn't notice the doll was an inanimate object but to her it was real.

The little girl's mom said, "Go to bed."

So she listened well and she slept with her doll friend.

A few years went by and she wasn't so little any more.

The little girl was now a young lady about the age of 12.

She went to her partly sunny room and said, "Hi, Silly Sally. How are you today?"

She changed her voice once again and said, "I'm quite fine and you?"

"I'm ok, Silly Sally."

The doll looked like she did before except her smile wasn't a smile, just a straight line. The girl and her friend played for only what seemed to be an hour or two.

Her mom said, "Stop playing with the doll and go to bed."

She listened again said, "Ok."

A lot more years passed, and then she was 18years of age.

She went in her room and it was so dark and cold.

She saw the doll on her bed and said, "I'm going to college see you Silly Sally."

She didn't change her voice and the doll said,"OK."

The doll the lay on the bed with an upside down smile and left a tear go drip on the floor. Drip!