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10-09-06, 02:50 PM
Well, if lil Sis can post blog pages,
so can I
My first poem in over 20 years.



Was there ever such a thing in my life as patience?
Do I even know the meaning of the word?
I tell myself I do,
But who knows better than I do
How full of sh*t I can be?

Will I ever find my patience?
Do I have it stashed somewhere,
Like a pretty pebble one of the children offered up to me
After a walk in the woods?

Have I lost my patience?
Did I ever have any at all?
Is it something I gave away
Along with my self-respect and pride?

Or is it a thing alien to me
Like the concept of the lives lived by people
Who do not have ADHD?

Is the search for patience a waste of my time?
Or do I simply lack the patience
To be still and wait for it to come to me?
I tell myself over and over
"Be patient."

And then I scream.

Surely nobody hears this scream.
I make sure to scream in silence.

What I believe I need is some more patience!
Buddy, can ya spare some patience?
A penny for your patience.