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10-11-06, 08:36 PM
Today is the first time I've taken Adderall XR. Quite some time ago I took IR Adderall 20 mg and it seemed to work much differently. For example, on the XR I noticed no decrease in appetite or euphoria and my focus seemed less. It was a lot different actually. Do you think it is common not to have the euphoria with the XR? Does it really last 12 hrs generally? I took it at 10:30 this morning. Also, for the past couple of weeks I haven't been eating much, could this explain the different reactions I'm getting and why it didn't suppress my appetite? I took it this morning about 15 min. after eating a small bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats, a mini Heath bar and a few wheat thins with cheese-ball spread. Could another factor be that this is the first day in a really long time I haven't taken Ritalin? Sorry for the overabundance of questions--I know it can overwhelm us. Any help would be great. I'll have to wait and see what happens tomorrow. I also remember that time seemed to slow down while on IR and that I could keep working on something indefinitely until it was done. Oh yeah, and would taking a antihistamine at night such as diphenhydramine affect how Adderall works the next day? I forgot to ask my pharmacist!

10-12-06, 04:49 PM
Oh, yeah and my thoughts still seem to wander, but no as much today.

Also, the whole euphoria thing is probably a good thing--that I don't have the euphoria.

10-12-06, 09:34 PM
How many mg of XR are you taking?

10-12-06, 09:52 PM
Glad to know it's working for you...I'm up to 30mgXR and it's not really doing a whole lot for me. I think it does help a bit, but not like I expected it to. The doctor and I have begun talks about what to try next; though were not exactly sure an answer yet. Anyone else leave Addy, and try something else that worked?

10-13-06, 12:42 AM
I am taking 20 mg XR.

You were saying
10-13-06, 09:42 AM
LOL.... Jerry must not have read the heading of the thread......hahaha...Can you tell we are here for a reason.....

Do you have an appetite on the XR Happy? I didn't for the first 4 months, but I'm seeing an increase of snacking on sweets and I'm starting to gain the weight I lost.. DAMIT!!! Anybody know what I can take to get rid of the sugar cravings?

10-13-06, 10:53 AM
Yep, I do have a appetite, but it's not like I'm hungry all the time. It's different b/c on the IR it was almost a chore to eat.

Good luck with those sugar cravings. I find that the less I eat or think about sugary stuff the less I want it, but this doesn't always work.

Btw, SDspedTeacher, I took Ritalin for a long time and it worked really well.

10-13-06, 01:53 PM
I took Ritalin for a long time and it worked really well. Why did you switch to Adderall? How do you think they compare?

10-13-06, 02:05 PM
Happy!, I'm so glad it is working for you. I'm trying to figure out what to try instead of Wellbutrin (which may be giving me sugar cravings).

I'm combating the cravings by eating plenty of lean protein. But the ice cream nightcap is becoming an unfortunate habit.

Best wishes, again!

10-13-06, 02:20 PM
Thanks everyone for your support!

Sugar is a tough thing to avoid, grrr!

Jerry83, well, Ritalin kept me focused until it stopped working so well. One thing I've noticed different about Adderall is that I have a lower tendency to interrupt people and it seems easier to listen, but this could be in part to the fact that ritalin wasn't working as well anymore. I also feel more patient. I tried concerta and Ritalin er and la, but I don't have insurance so I only took each of those for one month. Anyway, I was taking ritalin 4 times a day and that got to be irritating because sometimes I'd forget to take it before I went to class. Thanks to this site I found out that you can get Adderall XR for free (I think there's a $5 co-pay) if you qualify and I also got a coupon from ( Overall, there are good and bad points I think either way you go.

10-15-06, 09:56 PM
OK, so it's my fifth day taking Adderall XR and it seems to be working really well! At first I wasn't so sure but then I realized it would be an adjustment and that factors such as extra stress and being behind on my homework (due to meds that weren't working effectively enough) could be complicating things. So I'll just take it one day at a time and hope that everything works out!

Red's Revenge
10-18-06, 10:15 PM
Thanks for your feedback.. I am a teacher, and an Sped Ed teacher at that, and tomorrow is my first day on 20mg XR .. I am wondering if my 7 ADD/ADHD kids (5 medicated/2 not) will notice a difference.. I haven't told that the teacher is as messed up as they are..LOL... I will eventually.. but it is my secret for now. Don't get me wrong.. they know I am crazy.. but not ADD/ADHD.

10-20-06, 01:58 AM
The IR worked much better for me because it hits you much sooner but you have to to take 2 to 3 doses throughout the day to achieve the same effects. :)You should try it and see what you think...

10-21-06, 06:30 PM
Thanks, K-fab, maybe I will try it! The Adderall XR is working well right now, but I will see what happens. I noticed once I started eating better it started working better. I've had some sleep issues, but they seem to be subsiding. I think, too, if a person gets enough sleep Adderall will work better.

How is it working for you, Red's Revenge?

10-22-06, 08:33 AM
Hi Happy! I'm pretty close to ya in the Adderall trial. I started the XR on the 5th of this month. I have never been on ADD meds before, except Wellbutrin for the past 2 years. It helped, but it just wasn't quite enough. Anyhow, the first few days were weird. I had problems sleeping and I wasn't really sure how much it was helping, but I definitely felt much clearer and less fogginess...also...things seemed to slow down, if that makes sense...well probably about the last two weeks have been AMAZING! I swear I don't ever want to go back to the old Rascal.

I have MAINTAINED my house cleaning, I have maintained a sleep schedule (has anyone else had a problem with that?), I am SOO much more patient with my kids. I work as a home transcriptionist on commision so the more I type the more I get paid...I have almost DOUBLED my work because I can sit her in my chair for longer and focus on my work without having to get up a hundred times, or sneaking off to the time I knew it HOURS passed and I got nothing done. I also noticed I seem to remember things a little more, such as what I was going to do after I stopped at the grocery store and the bank...I don't space out as much either.

Anyhow, I am so surprised at what this medicine has done for me. I wish someone would have figured this out 20 years ago!!!!!!!

10-22-06, 10:07 AM
I'm so glad to hear it! I know how you feel. It is much easier to concentrate.

Are you also taking 20 mg?

10-22-06, 11:14 PM
Yup...20 mg for me!