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10-14-06, 02:23 AM
It's been a little over a year since my son who has SID and ADHD started Occuaptional Therapy (OT). When he started therapy he was having rage episodes and was wound up all the time. The change in him in a year is amazing. It's like the exhorsist came to my house and had a party getting rid of evil spirits.
A year ago my family hardly ever went anywhere including church because Caleb could not sit anywhere with a lot of stimulation and any crowd is stimulating at some level. We just never new when he'd errupt. Now although he still has preferences about no radio in the car, he tolerates sitting much better.

It's been a long road fighting the school about the Wilbarger brushing every hour and a half for a couple of months. And the 100 mile drive to an OT clinic in San Antonio that specializes in pediatrics and Sensory Integration approaches put a strain on time and finances at times, but it has been worth every penny and minute spent.

Caleb is still having some fine motor problems and is having some trouble learning to read that we are dealing with. But he is now so much more calm. He likes to cuddle and can spend most of his day in class with just the normal sensory breaks at recess and lunch. of course he has to have more wind down time than other kids after school but he's doing great. We've even reduced his Concerta dosage.

Now my daughter who is a year older is going as well. Both of them had STNR problems Caleb also had ATNR problems. Rachel never developed some of the protective instincts for catching herself...but i s doing better in the 4 months she's been going. We're re-evaluating in December to see if we think she still needs therapy.

I'd reccoment it to anyone but you need to make sure that the OT has a good sensory background and I'd find out what their approach and philosophy for treatment is. Some therapist only want to treat the obvious symptoms and don't look any farther for the cause....this won't do you much good.

10-14-06, 09:47 AM
That's wonderful, Jacee! Thanks for sharing how well your children have done with the therapy. My son and I are also doing therapy for the STNR, which also covers the ATNR. Neither of us have sensory issues though. We are both having some great results from the therapy as well. Being an adult on the therapy, I can't say that the results are just because "I am just maturing." You might also post your results in the Miscelaneous Treatment and Approaches section as well. It's really wonderuful to know that they have done so well with non-medication methods. There is something to idea that these issues can be at the very least relieved by neurological therapies.