View Full Version : I just started adderall xr--doesnt seem to be working

10-15-06, 03:31 AM
Hi, im so glad i found this forum

My doctor prescribed be adderall for my add. The first week he gave me 10mg the short released onces, i took it the first day i felt awaesome i was calm and focused i felt like my life was gonna change with this medicine.. then after that everyday all it did was give me a really bad headache..

So i went back and he prescribed me the adderall xr 25mg extended release, first day fetl awesome, now its liek im still hyper but really focused though.. Iv cut my caffeine intake pretty much down to 2 bottles of coke a day, but im still hyper and i dont really know what to do. Im also on cymbalta. Any one have any tricks? whens the best time to take it? Am i sleeping too much or to little? things like that.. or do i just need a higher dose or something else??

also iv only been on the extended release for about 3 days now.. does it take some time to kick in like a week maybe? does my body need to adjust?


10-15-06, 10:01 AM
Doesn't take any time to kick in, you should notice the effects from taking it within 30 minutes. Getting enough sleep helps.

As for headaches, I've read that drinking enough water or other fluid while on adderall will help prevent it. Can't really vouch for that b/c even though I'm headache prone, Adderall doesn't seem to cause them for me (apart from a really slight headache sometimes)

10-16-06, 02:52 AM
I dont know maybe this medicine isnt right for me.. liek when i first take it im fine then like 4 hrs later im back to hyper me(but focused) does make me focus when i do return to my hyper state, but thing is im still hyper lol. i feel like a crackhead sometime cause i get hyper and im focused and spew answers out at school, like im usually right but still lol.... i do have anxiety problems so im thinkin my anxiety is over powering the meds does that make any sence..?

and i have a question ever since started adderall its like if im doing something and someons talking to me i tend to stutter on my words a little, like i know what im gonna say but it comes out wrong.. anyone else have that happen?

Iv noticed a difference on it, but i am still hyper.. do you think i should go to the docs and get a higher dose.. or get on ritalin?

im thinking about taking my adderall XR then waiting 4 hrs and taking my IR .. but i should probably ask my doc before i do that i dont wanna OD.

thanks again