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10-17-06, 10:38 PM

I am currently going through a trial of Adderall, and 20mg XR seems very weak, the first day it was weak and the second day was almost nonexistant.
The first day, though it felt very weak, I noticed a greater and more cleaner feeling of focus than the ritalin/concerta.

Now tomorrow is a an important day and focus is necessary, so should
I take two XR's or take 1 and take half the beads out of another making it 1.5, which i would guess would be 30mgs or around there.

I am quite tolerant to stimulants so this could be the reason, but would I be taking too much of a risk with two XR's? (keep in mind 20mg XR is greatly underpowered) I have been on Concerta 36mg which was a good dosage, (aside from the fact that ritalin feels way too harsh) and i think that the adderall has great potential it just seems too underdosed.

I would appreciate your advice as I have a lot of reading to do tomorrow and I unfortunately cannot hold concentration on a page for more than a minute, so this is why I am considering doubling up, but to at least be a bit safe I am asking you guys for your opinions as you have far more experience than me with these Medications.

10-18-06, 01:33 AM
Taking the beads out and dividing them in half would be a Very Bad Idea. There is no way to know how much is immediate-release and how much is coated with the extended-release polymer.

Call your doctor and ask him if he thinks that you would be safe taking a second XR. That would be the equivalent of taking a 20mg instant-release dose, followed by another one four hours later, which isn't extremely high. However, it is twice what you are taking now, which is a large step to take at once. I also have no way of knowing what, if any, medical conditions you may have. Your doctor would know that and take it into consideration.

(also, I'm not a physician. and thus could be completely wrong)