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10-18-06, 11:13 AM
I am just going to copy my thread in the member intro section....

So glad to find others in AZ!!

Hi, my name is Cristy. Recently moved from Canada to Arizona with my 3 boys, married the love of my life and created a blended family.

2 of my boys have ADHD/ODD. They were both diagnosed very young. My 12 yr old is doing much better than my 10 yr old. Both are on Concerta.

My 10 yr old is fast becoming out of control and I am losing my mind. :eek: Change is very hard for him and we have had a lot of it lately. I am trying to be understanding and patient with him but there are days I just want to run away lol. He has started swearing like crazy, calling everyone (including me) all kinds of terrible names, does not listen to anything he is told and is just basically out of control. He is good at school but at home is a different story.

He has ADHD/ODD/Transient tic disorder....and I am sure more but we have not figured it out. He was without oxygen at birth for 10 minutes (premature) and I am sure that has added to his problems.

Just here looking for some support, ideas, suggestions....anything.