View Full Version : Anyone know of analog timer software for time management?

10-18-06, 12:48 PM
I'm looking for an analog countdown timer for my computer. By analog, I mean one that looks like the old-fashioned clock or mechanical kitchen time--or even better, like the timetimer at Digital doesn't work for me, I need the visual of of the 'pie slice' of time counting down. And by timer, I mean one that you can set for 15 minutes and it counts down and rings/chimes/alarms when it reaches 0.

Anyone have favorite software for this? I'm getting the actual mechanical timer too, but when I'm traveling I'd rather have the timer on my computer screen.

10-22-06, 02:51 AM
Try this one.

10-22-06, 03:03 AM
Thanks--I like this one better than what I have, but I was hoping for one with a clock face (analog) rather than a numerical/digital readout. Helps me visualize where I am in the time period, 'cuz my brain and numbers do not get along anymore. Anyway to give it an analog face?

10-31-06, 01:36 AM
Not that I know of, but you might search for a different one at