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10-20-06, 01:28 PM
My son is 10, he's doing well with his ADD. He takes Adderall XR daily.

The biggest challenge is really getting him ready for school in the morning. This is before he's taken his medication. He's completely unfocused and even if I try to keep him on track we just end up blowing up at each other some days. The same thing happens at his mom's house.

My wife says I should get him up earlier so he has more time to get ready and can do it at his own pace. Plus then he could eat breakfast and take his meds at that time and maybe then he'd have time and focus to get ready. Has anyone been through this and tried this?

What can counseling or therapy accomplish for a 10 year old boy? Is it really more for the parents? Is the counselor going to make this out to be our (his parents) fault or are they just going to say he's this way and here's how we deal with it?

10-20-06, 02:01 PM
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Actually, counseling for a 10 year old boy by himself is of limited value in my opinion. Working with the family on ways to improve ADHD weakness that are not totally remedied by medication is more useful. A lot of the authors I've read seem to back that up as well (ie: Taking Charge of ADHD by Russell Barkley; Raising Resillient Children by Samuel Goldstein and Robert Brooks; A Mind at a Time by Mel Levine). There are also good articles availiable at ( by Goldstein and other specialists.

If you seek family counseling, I encourage you to check out the experience the therapist has in working with ADHD individuals. A therapist who understands the specific challenges posed by ADHD makes a big difference.

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10-20-06, 08:14 PM
Early morning arousal problems can be due to Sleep Disorders. So can daytime sleepiness, or alertness problems (eg accidents, mistakes).

Many of us ADHDers have Sleep Disorders! eg RLS, the "most common disorder you've never heard of." ( (

talk to his doctor and ask if he could benefit from a sleep test.

10-28-06, 10:37 PM
Oh boy I don't know about the counseling but I can sure relate to the mornings. I actually go to the counselor and she gives me recomendations to try with him. But it is really a daily struggle. This week seemed particularly hard. If we have no where to go my son manages to get up and get himself dressed no problem but if we have a deadline I am constantly redirecting him. I feel bad because I don't really think it is his fault or on purpose. He is equally frusterated that his little brother can manage to get himself dressed. Before the meds kick in he is just all over the place. The rewards, the lists, leaving him behind and making him late while I take the other kids to school, getting him up earlier (we are already gettin up at 7:00 to get to school by 8:30), getting things out the night before, having the other kids stay in their rooms so he doesn't get distracted, one task at a time, simple one word directions. So far nothing is working well. I really hope someone posts something that really works. My son is on Focalin XR not Adderall but his doctor has given me some short acting tablets really low dose like 2.5mg and I may even cut them in half and they are for either in the morning before the meds kick in or in the evening when they are wearing off and we are trying to do homework. I don't use them very often but they do help and it kicks in very quickly not like the extendred release capsules.