View Full Version : Two great freeware prgms 4 the visually oriented ADD'er

10-20-06, 03:43 PM
I really, really like hottnotes!:D (lets you put virtual post-it notes on your computer screen) I've tried other sticky-note type softwares but none that appealed to the whimsical, visual, creative side of me so much. They're just fun, and you can create them as checklists, scribble notes, or normal text. You can keep them on top of what you're working on or put them behind your work. AND you can set alarms on your notes to get your attention at the right time. YEAY!

Another one I really like: ClocX, also freeware, which creates a small clock face that floats on your screen. Easy to pick up and move around so it's visible but not in your way, and pick the color and style that appeal to you. The clocks are analog, not digital, so you get not just the time but the visual on how far into your day you are. ClocX also lets you set alarms & assign sounds or even start an application at the set time. The only thing it's missing: I haven't found a count-down timer in it, which would just about make it perfect.

10-20-06, 05:59 PM
Sooooo cool. And quite helpful. I am always making lists (and losing them or forgetting where they are on the computer). You so rock!!! :cool:

10-20-06, 07:24 PM
very neat! hottnotes is much better than the freeware post-it notes lite program.

Thanks for sharing!