View Full Version : Two 10mg more potent than one 20mg?

10-20-06, 06:06 PM
Hi All,

I notice that two 10mg methylin tablets seems to be more potent than one 20mg tablet. These are NOT the "ER" (extended release) tablets.

Has anyone else experienced this? It doesn't even make sense to me that this would be the case, but I notice a very big difference.

Also, does anyone know why this would happen?


10-20-06, 07:49 PM
this might only make sense if the 10mg and 20mg are manufactured by a different pharm company (generics??). If not, and they are the same, there should be no difference. Companies are required to have their final product within like .01-.05mg of what they say it is, and such differences would definitely not be noticeable to the individual. Perhaps you responded more strongly to the two 10's the day you took them, as stimulant effects vary from day to day. Sometimes when I take a dose of adderall (20mg's) i works stronger then other days, stimulant response is highly variable.

11-14-06, 10:29 PM
accually, from what i hear, YES that can be possible.

as the generic must be within 80% - 125% within the brand name product, i wille xplain.

1 - 10 mg pill can contain a minumum of 8 mgs accual ingredient, and maximum of 12.5 mgs ingredient

and 1 - 20 mg pill can contain a min of 16 mg - to a maximum of 24 mg ingredient.

and maybe a 10 mg pill has 9or 10 mg of the accual ingredient and the 20 only has16-18 thus making 2 -10 more potent, and yes 1--2 mgs can can make a difference in some people me im sensitive to stimulants so a few mg's means a big thing.