View Full Version : I need Doctor Help!!

10-22-06, 01:53 PM
I have been recently diagnosed with Adult ADD and my sister as well...
We would love to know if anyone knows of a Doctor in Illinois that is great at
dealing with Adult ADHD and helping with medication..
We both have Doctors but neither really listen to us..

I am on Lexapro 10mg
Adderall 10mg 3x a Day
Xanax as needed

I am constantly sleepy and have real trouble getting motivated..
I have lowered & upped my dose of Adderall, but still feel so tired..

My sister is on
Lexapro 10mg
Adderall 10mg 2pills 2x a day
Adderall XR 20mg once a day
Xanax as needed

She feels the Adderall helps but is real tired on and off all day.
We would love to hear from anyone with info or advice that they could share with us, and also anyone who has used a Dr. in Illinois that they really liked..
Thank You in advance for your help..

BabblingBrooke & Sis