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10-24-06, 10:33 AM
So, here I am, all ready to organize my life and use outlook. I found out that I was running Outlook XP and some of the options weren't there, like out of office assistant. I have only 2003 here, so of course I updated it... CRAP all of my folders and emails from my online business are now gone.
Please tell me I'm not in deep deep trouble, is there a way to go back to my old outlook, is there a way to get those emails, only some of them are saved on my server...I'm so incredibly sick right now it's unreal. I'm talking 100's if not 1000's of emails.
I tried a system restore, to go back to old checkpoint, and that didn't work either.
anyone able to help me?
I've just gone about 2 miles backward trying to get one step ahead.


10-24-06, 12:17 PM
Amy, do a search for all files named *.pst. Do the first search in your computer. (Search all files and folders including hidden if it doesn't pop up on your first search.) Then search on your server.

If you find a pst file, open it with your outlook. If there are a LOT of pst files, look for one dated recently and in an area of the system you would have been using.

If you're at all techie, a likely place to look is c:/documents and settings/(your user name)/local settings/application data/microsoft/outlook or comparable file on your computer.

If that doesn't work:

In Outlook 2003 you have the option of going to 'file', then 'file management' (screen shows you which folders outlook knows are there. Or 'file' to 'folder'. If your new outlook offers either of those, you may be able to see your old file listed.. then just tell outlook to use that folder.

Whenever I've upgraded outlook in the past it's always created a new user file and ignored the old folders. It takes a little looking but I've always been able to find the old on. Not to panic! And.... this is a really good time to look at your backup situation! If the files are important, it's worth investing in something that will automatically make a backup without you worry about it.

System restore shouldn't have deleted any data, unless something else happened you should be ok. You can undo your restore but if you want to keep using outlook 2003 you'll probably have to reinstall the program itself.

10-24-06, 12:32 PM
I did have to call a 'guru' but he remote viewed over, did just what you said, and voila, I have them all.

I'm very happy about that becase 2003 and many many more user-friendly organization tips/ tools

I thought I lost my life this am, but all is fine for the time being now!


10-24-06, 07:12 PM
you need to backup your files regularly so that a real loss (like a dead hard drive) does not catch you unexpectedly.

Me :D

10-24-06, 08:20 PM
My recommendation is switch email servers that will update with out problems.

01-06-08, 07:13 AM
lol I thought your "outlook on life"

01-06-08, 12:29 PM
You've got to be careful with outlook.....I've had to counsel a few people who lost their virtual lives when upgrading/repairing machines. Very traumatic.

Unfortunately the best solution isn't easy with an out of the box PC......instead of everything on a C: drive repartition into 2 drives....C: and D:

D becomes the data drive where you store all your data. If your machine dies you can reformat C: and reinstall your OS on the C: drive and your data remains intact.

This kind of stuff requires techie knowledge to do.

All the lovely wizards gizmology hasn't altered the fact that Dell, MS & Co do not sell machines configured in a robust and safe manner.

Consequently techie shoulders will remain damp from the tears of users crying over lost data.


03-09-08, 06:05 AM
i recommend google calendar/notes - you can use multiple , set up email/popup/sms reminders and even publish them online

i recently lost everything due to Vista, and now officially joined Apple-Mac croud,
PEOPLE!!! MACs ARE TRULY STABLE, yes it's possible and Apple did it! dump microsoft and switch to Apple and Google!

03-14-08, 09:49 AM
Don't believe the liberal press , (mac fan boys, girls) mac users have problems as well.

Numbers go to Macs, Spyware Trojans malware fallow and are as I type this..

to my fellow addrs

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