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10-26-06, 12:25 PM
The previous doctor that I consulted about my self-diagnosed and pervasive adult ADHD symptoms was no help at all and the visit was a waste of lots of money.

I have tried without any success to deal with my ADHD symptoms on my own for years and need to find an M.D. that can finally give me an official diagnosis and prescribe meds, which I know would help me tremendously.

Any personal recommendations regarding possible doctors that I could consult would be most appreciated- I REALLY need help.

Thank you

11-25-06, 08:05 PM
My Dr. is very good, her name is Neha Patel, her office is off of huffmiester and hwy 290. I also used to go to V. Iyer he moved out to the woodlands, which was too far for me to drive.

11-25-06, 08:09 PM
You might wish to go to a neuropsychologist for testing and diagnosis. An MD will diagnose you on symptoms and it may not be the best thing to do. Getting a proper neuropsychological evaluation by a neuropsychologist will remove much doubt and provide a lot of information that will help your doctor treat you.


12-20-06, 05:02 PM
My doc is a neurologist with lots of experience with add/adhd. His name is Herbert Edmundson. You can check out the website and see if you would feel comfortable going this route. I was so comfortable with him that I recently took my 8 yr old daughter to him for eval/treatment.

12-31-08, 12:19 PM
Watch out for Dr Edmondson. He was referred to us by a friend and he was an absolute jerk. I went with my husband to the appt. and he relies on me to help him with day to day paperwork because he just doesn't have the patience for it. The Dr was MAD that I filled out his ppwk and then proceeded to inform me that this was my husbands appt and I should "sit there and shut up"! I have NEVER had anyone speak to me that way, but then again all neuro drs think they are above regular people. My husband continued to go to him only for several more months and he said that he was also rude to him also not to mention that the staff confused his records with another patients' and it was a disaster! That is OUR experience with him. Our son is also ADHD. We were told to go to LifeTrek. I think it is My pediatrician recommended them. We just have not been as of yet.

01-19-09, 11:36 AM
Hi, I have been taking my son to Life Trek and have enjoyed their office very much. The doctors all seem very personable. I was considering going to a different office only because of a questionable therapy Life Trek uses. They use Interactive Metronome (if you want it). The problem is, I need an unbiased opinion. They "sell" it, so I can't expect a completely unbiased opinion. I was looking for Edmondson when I came across this thread.

good luck to all. This is such a confusing area to be dealing with. I wish there were easy answers.:confused:

10-24-11, 09:43 PM
I checked out Dr. Herbert Edmundson today as rusty recommended and I thought he was really professional. He was very understanding and knowledgeable and he also explained everything he was going to do (he ran 5..ish tests on me including a TOVA test for ADHD). I thought he was very thorough and loved his staff... I'd definitely recommend him, esp. since I got an appointment FAST.
And yea, he cut me off a few times when I answered irrelevantly, but he did it in a funny way .... and of course he cut a patient's wife off if she was answering for him. I mean... cmon. who answers for their spouse?! weird.

10-25-11, 08:52 PM
I don't know which part of town you live in but my psychiatrist is great. Her name is Dr. Jan Poage, and her office just moved to Weslayan right past Central Market (Westheimer and Weslayan). Before that she was on Shepherd & she once mentioned she had been at that office for almost 20 yrs. She's extremely nice, but not too loud or imposing (those types annoy me, as I'm an HSP), she listens to all of your concerns, and really does her best to find the right meds to help you. It's hard to describe, really, but I can tell you that for me to actually look forward to chatting w/her every few months says a lot about her, b/c I'm an introvert who rarely looks forward to unwanted interaction. If you haven't found a Dr yet, I'd definitely give her a try.

07-09-12, 06:17 PM
Dr. Diana Collins in Sugar Land is a great Psychiatrist. She is professional, takes time to COMPLETELY listen to you, and doesn't just throw out a diagnosis. She actually takes the time to pinpoint your diagnosis and then explains it to you.

I also liked the fact that she took the time to explain my treatment plan as well. She told me what medication she was going to prescribe, what it did exactly, how long she thought it would be before I started seeing signs of improvement, and ultimately how long she though I'd need to take the meds. I liked the fact that she didn't plan on me taking them forever, but had a specific plan for my treatment. She also consults with my therapist from time to time to determine my progress.

The bad thing is, her office doesn't take my insurance. As a result, I have to pay full price each time I visit. Even monthly 20 minute med follow ups can be expensive. I'm being forced to find another doctor that is in my insurance network. I hate it though. I don't want to leave Dr. Collins. Its going to be difficult finding another doctor I trust as much.

09-23-12, 08:57 AM
My Dr. is very good, her name is Neha Patel, her office is off of huffmiester and hwy 290. I also used to go to V. Iyer he moved out to the woodlands, which was too far for me to drive.

Small world! Dr. Patel was my doctor and will prescribe anything. She is a D.O. And after a few months I realized she knew nothing about ADHD!

So I'm looking again if anyone has referrals.


08-31-13, 05:29 PM
will dr patel give me adderall if I ask or do I have to do an evaluation and all of that stuff?

06-11-14, 12:52 PM
My boys see Dr. Tarnow at The Tarnow Center by the Galleria. He also has a Sugar Land office. He is a neuropsychiatrist and very good.

09-27-15, 08:30 AM
Hello! I noticed someone recommended the office of Barry Gritz in Houston on here. I was seen at that office and want to let you know about what I think the pros and cons are of going to the office of Barry Gritz. First, there're three prescribers there: Barry Gritz MD, Christine Wysong, and Wanda Hilliard. Christine and Wanda are not MDs however they see patients, are able to diagnose them, and it's just that Dr. Gritz's signature appears on all prescriptions. I saw Wanda Hilliard. In my case my ADHD was so apparent that you didn't need to put me through a lot of tests to diagnose it. And that's what was great about Wanda. She could have sat with me for hours charging for hours of testing. Instead she was able to cut through the red tape and do a quick diagnosis based on what I already knew about myself -- and I came really prepared, having taken ADHD seminars and having read tons of books about ADHD. This is why I didn't mind that my diagnostic appointment lasted 20 minutes. I really didn't want to sit and answer questions for hours on end, the answers to which were apparent. This first diagnostic appointment with Wanda cost $300. It was all great: I knew I had ADHD and wanted to try medication, so she didn't get in my way too much and was very efficient in getting me on the medication path - of course, she administered some tests, it wasn't like all based on me asking for medication:)
If you have doubts as to whether you have ADHD, I cannot vouch for this particular practicioner, as I only have experience with her in the context of my situation.

When the initial medication didn't work as nicely as expected and I went for my follow-up ($90), that's when I wanted a long appointment, a lot of questions asked, that's when I needed to talk and brainstorm with my doctor. And while the quickness of the diagnostic appointment really served a purpose, the quickness of the follow-up didn't feel as nice :) I was out the door too quickly. It was all very rushed. Based on what I now know about ADHD meds, it's all about finetuning doses and persistently trying different options until you find what really works. I literally insisted on being prescribed another medication (Vyvanse instead of Focalin) based on what I heard, that it might work better. And boy wasn't I glad that I did. It made a difference! Again, I was really prepared having studied the topic of ADHD from A to Z, so I felt I could take matters into my own hands and make suggestions for the doctor. Had I not known what the difference between medications is and not asked for Vyvanse, I'm not sure how much longer it would have taken Wanda until she tried something else. Hard to say. I will not make a judgment here. I can just say that I've become an ADHD specialist in my own right, and being like that, I was OK with Wanda. When it came to helping me with what I KNEW I needed help for, she was very efficient.

When my mail-order pharmacy couldn't process my order on time and I had to postpone my international flight, I asked Wanda to write a note for the airline that I had a valid medical reason for a change of ticket, and she couldn't help me with that. She said she was busy at a conference, and my suggestions that I would send a draft to her hotel and she would just sign and fax it back, they all hit a wall -- but maybe she was really THAT busy. I called the office, and Christine Wysong was very efficient with making that note, even though it was end of day on a Friday.

So mind that there's also Christine Wysong and Barry Gritz at this office, and the experience with them might be different. But this isn't to say that I didn't appreciate Wanda for all the efficiency I mentioned above!

All in all, I'm grateful to the office for the expedient no-red-tape approach -- and can definitely recommend it to anyone who's more or less familiar with ADHD and their needs. If you can navigate your needs yourself OK, this office is very helpful.

05-02-16, 09:26 PM
I don't know Dr. Edmundson personally, but a good friend of mine took his then teenage daughter to him for a few years.
All I can tell you is what I have heard from my friend and his daughter, who is now 26.
They both referred to him as a "jerk" repeatedly, and would not even consider any information from research either one of them did on their own. If you do not have insurance, and are not weathy, you won't be able to afford this doctor.
He is the first doctor I ever witnessed prescribing focalin xr and adderall IR together. That is the combo I am just now starting, except that I use IR versions of both, for financial reasons.
He doesn't make you come in every month for an appointment, but he does charge at least $25 dollars for each month's prescription, and that wad in 2009, so it is probably more now.
If you have the money, or insurance, and like doctors who don't really listen and just do all of the decision making on their own, he is good at diagnosing and treating all forms of ADHD.
This also applies to people who are too busy to undertake any kind of research on their own, and would just prefer to have a doctor do it all for them.
He is knowledgeable, and competent. He is also expensive, and a jerk.