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10-26-06, 08:40 PM
Started work at 15 (now 30) and have had 14 jobs since.

Average time (mean) at each job was 4 months; largely skewed by 45 months in the Army. Without including the time in the Army it would be 2.3 months average.
With this work history it gets harder and harder to find a job everytime.:faint:

I was just diagnosed with ADD: inattentive type, in the recent months. Its going to be hard to fix this mess im afraid.

Why doees it take so long to figure out that we have ADD? :confused:

11-07-06, 08:44 PM

Let's see. Starting at age 16:

Department store, few months (fired, I think).

The following are all administrative/secretarial jobs. I didn't know that secretarial/administrative would be TERRIBLE for me but back then I didn't know I had ADD:

Water treatment co - 1 yr (family moved away, was 18).

East Coast Growers - (9 mo. let go - nicely, actually - because of lack of work, or so they told me),

temp agency for a few years at which I'd fail to show up for certain temp jobs because of anxiety of constantly starting new temp jobs,

Banking company - (4 mo., start up co. and WAY too overwhelming; was fired)

(tried college at age 21 for two years and left because I could not concentrate in the dorms and instead partied too much)

Lawyer's office (1 yr, was mainly typing and not detail oriented, so I liked it and lasted a whole year! Left because I needed full time, not part time.)

Direct mail company - (9 mo., fired)

temp agency again for more horrible admin jobs

Government contract company - 1 year (resigned due to job changes that I couldn't cope with)

Property & Title co (2 wks - BORED OUT OF MY MIND. Just up and left the job, it drove me that crazy!)

Medical communications company - (5 mo, fired because while bored I scribbled mean things about my boss on paper just for fun and amusement, something to crack up at, and forgot to stash the papers in my purse and boss found them! So, yep. FIRED.)

Back to that darn temp agency for about 6 mo.

another lawyer's office - 3 mo. FIRED.

Credit card company - 1.5 years (!!) left due to harassing boss, (he cheated on his wife and openly treated women as pieces of *ss, and that mean sicko was eventually fired for looking at porno websites, so at least I was reassured that it wasn't just me and my ADD)

Furniture Store (accounting office - 1 yr, 2 mo. resigned, was totally bored more than busy, but actually liked the job)

Computer consulting company - (1.5 years, LOVED, LOVED that job because even though it was administrative, it was a start up and somehow I was not overwhelmed, AND I had the GREATEST boss ever. It really helps us ADDers to have a totally cool boss. Anyway, I lresigned when the company merged and moved over an hour away. :(

another computer consulting company - (1 mo. because it was in Accts Payable. DO NOT ask me why I took an A/P job, but I was desperate for money. WRONG choice. Up and left one day after hundreds of calls from mad employees about their paychecks. I typed a letter of explanation to my boss saying I am completely overwhelmed, I'm sorry to do this but I actually cannot come in here another day, blah blah..Slipped it under his door - thank GOD he was not in the day I wanted to leave. Discreetly took my pictures down and hauled *ss out of there.)

Back to the temp agency. 6 mo. Pretended I was in an auto accident to avoid one stinkin job, and told another job on my FIRST day that I was throwing up and too sick to come in. It is only because I really do loathe admin jobs. Don't ask me why I even sign up with temp agencies. Some have gotten me permanent jobs, though. But do I keep these permanent jobs? Nope.

Pharmaceutical co. - (4 mo. Would have been fired had I not AGAIN up and left one day. I pretended I was going to lunch and it was so exciting to have this big secret that nobody knew - that I was NOT COMING BACK! My female boss really did have it out for me and I could not cope. My other boss had this dry sense of humor and made my skin crawl. Plus it was in HR - doing stupid interviews! I don't think so.

Used my unemployment time wisely - planned last minute wedding details, (had been engaged for a year) moved 2 hours away, got married and then dealt with unemployment AGAIN. At least this time my excuse was valid - I was in a new town.

Interior design co. - 2 days. YESSSSS, TWO days! Our realtor happened to know a girl who worked for my new boss and warned me to watch out for this lady, she's a wacko. He was right. I learned quickly that this lady is a witch AND that the job is more accounting than I thought. She wanted me to keep her books - ON PAPER! On my 2nd day my head was hurting from terror and confusion so during lunch I just DID NOT RETURN!

Travel agency - 4 mo. (Left because I could not handle the amount of rude customers in person and on the phone.)

Insurance Broker - (was on that PIP thing; my chauvanist boss gave me a horrible review, rightly so, because I really sucked at that job, but I could tell he was trying to get me to quit. I didn't care if he "won" - I couldn't take that job. The next day I gave HR a nicely written resignation letter. When my boss found out, he asked HR for a brief exit interview in which he said I could go today instead of waiting two weeks - I gladly left.

And that was the last time I EVER worked. That was in Dec. of 2003. I then became pregnant and have been a SAHM ever since. Oh, and THAT's not without it's share of problems, too! But I always thank God I'm not in a stupid office!

I just tallied it up. 22 jobs. TWENTY TWO jobs since age 16. I am 38 now. I guess I had better start really liking this stay at home mom thing because how am I ever going to get and keep another job?

Maybe you will have acquired a few more jobs when you are as old as me, but for now, yep, I beat ya! :)

11-07-06, 10:00 PM
My work history has been steady.. but i think the reason why it takes so long for many to figure out they have adhd or add is because both the individual and possibly their parents when they were kids, were in denial.

11-07-06, 11:02 PM
I started out going from job to job, usually stayed no more than 3mos. at each. But a year and a half ago, I found a job I really like. I work as a case manager for individuals with mental retardation. I also do mental health crisis intervention. Perfect job for me, I feel like I belong...

11-07-06, 11:11 PM
I started work at 16 and had longer than ADD average employment history, but I would get an itch and leave. Had this drive that something better was "out there".
McDonalds 1 1/2 yrs, moved ( up for then b/f now, hubby's college
Grocery store 4-5 months,
Drug store 4-5 months, moved back home
Discount store 1 1/2 months moved again.... ( for b/f's now hubby's job)
BACK to same grocery store 1 yr or so...
3 PT jobs next (overlapped)
Interiors (like pier one) store, 3-4 months? Manager just stopped scheduling me....hmmm.
Handicapped group home, 6-7 months
Afterthoughts boutique, 9 months

Meanwhile, attended college for Dental Assisting (while working at boutique store)

Here's my long ones!
Dentist office, 2 years quit b/c I couldn't handle the other gals not liking me
Dentist office,3 months Old boss called back saying "she" was gone..wanna come back? This office sucked, played country music all day!
Quit my favorite dentist office after 3 years to be a stay-at-home Mom

WENT INSANE!!!! (meanwhile, got my Certification in group exercise and have been teaching fitness classes since 98 for my sanity...BTW: I've worked at 4 different clubs!!!)
Community College teaching Dental Assisting 4 yrs. I'm still scratching my head over this one. Hubby said I had too much going on and needed to choose which job was more important. UGH! Why can't I just do everything!!
BACK AGAIN to my old boss,the dentist.... I've quit that job two other times!!! Maybe 3rd time's a charm and I won't leave... Naw!

I've been looking for another office!!! I can't stand the chit chat that women do behind each other's backs!!! Figured though, I better "suck it up" b/c I'll never get away from it!! EVery office has got gossiping women who enjoy a little backstabbing!!

Grand total.............17! And they've been all over the board!:faint:

11-08-06, 09:10 AM
I had a lot of different jobs as a teenager: a few at fast food places (including two different jobs at the same Dairy Queen), sold cable tv subscriptions door to door, was a telemarketer twice, worked in a department store selling shoes and lingerie, at a movie theater, as a researcher for my mom's private investigation/legal document retreival company, ran shipping and receiving at a boutique store at the mall, then started working with animals: first at a very large boarding kennel, then as an intern at a big cat sanctuary where I'd volunteered for a couple of years, then as a vet tech in a small but busy clinic. And now I teach biology labs to (mostly) apathetic undergrads who think they're going to be doctors.

So that's 15 jobs from age 16 to 27, not including a few that I ran away from after one day. Not one of them involved babysitting or waiting tables, though, which was not an accident. :D

11-08-06, 02:28 PM

I just remembered two more jobs I forgot to list. Like the other poster, I also worked at a Handicapped group home for about a year, and a medical imaging company for 6 months.

I quit over the phone one day at the group home job because the location of the group home moved quite far away and I'd be working with new people. I just could not deal with that change so in answer to my boss's "We need someone we can depend on - are you showing up at the new house today?" I said "I guess not."

THe medical imaging company job was data entry and it was OK. Until they realized I was friends with another employee who turned out to be conniving at the workplace. I had NOTHING to do with this girl's bad actions but our boss suddenly told me they had no use for me anymore! I thought it was because of my friendship with that girl. There was no other reason that I saw.

So that makes my count up to 24. That's pretty pathetic, actually. At first I felt like bragging, YEAH, 22 jobs! ha ha, isn't that funny. But it's 24 and that makes me kind of sad that I just cannot keep a job.

It does make me feel better to read about everyone else having similar problems, though. But is there ANYONE out there who can beat my score? I hope so! :)

Moody Blonde
11-21-06, 06:33 PM
Started work at 15 (now 30) and have had 14 jobs since.

Average time (mean) at each job was 4 months; largely skewed by 45 months in the Army. Without including the time in the Army it would be 2.3 months average.
With this work history it gets harder and harder to find a job everytime.:faint:

I was just diagnosed with ADD: inattentive type, in the recent months. Its going to be hard to fix this mess im afraid.

Why doees it take so long to figure out that we have ADD? :confused:
I could probably top it. But I literally cannot remember all the places I've worked. Lemme get back to ya on that.

11-22-06, 04:07 PM
I stopped counting but I think that I have had about 30 jobs. I am 28. I started working when I was 16. I had plenty of jobs that didnt last more then 1 month.

I am on my 3rd job this year. It seems that this one I will hang onto. I have a lot more freedom here, at least right now.