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10-26-06, 10:25 PM
I have posted here for the past few days about the problems at my current job. I am on a PIP (performance improvement plan) for the next 60 days.
Things have gotten worse this week where it feels like an aversarial relationship with my three managers and them going out of their way to document every small thing to the HR director. They are just shooting themselves in the foot in the end because no one else has been hired and existing staff are being overloaded with work..

Luckily, I am close to another job offer BUT I don't have people to give as references. I was fired from my last job last year and the position before that I quit.

Companies say that they have a 'no reference' policy on former employees. My last employer will only give out the dates of employment & title and won't even say the reason for leaving or if voluntary or not. There is also large turnover where many people just stay a year or two and leave..

At this point, I am willing to hire someone at the right price to talk to a prospective employer for five minutes.

10-27-06, 10:23 AM

Most, if not all, companies when called give the standard answer; Worked here, title, last date of employment.

What prospective employers are looking for are personal references. Do you have friends from college in the work force, business associates (not management), vendors you might work with? I understand that your work history might be working against you, but there are ways around it. No one has to know you were fired. Find creative ways to explain the change of positions - long hours, long commute, opportunity to advance was limited, company was not going anywhere, work was below your skills, unfulfilling, etc.

Next get over to Nick offers great, real-world advice on careers etc. Be sure to read the FAQs!!!! Also subscribe to his weekly newsletter. His book is also a must read/own.

Next build up your network. There are many ways to do this. Start with the business section of the newspaper and usually there is a weekly calendar of networking events. Since I believe you are in the NYC area, pick up a copy of the Sunday Newark Star Ledger. They have a calendar of events for the week listed. Go the free ones. Some you have to pay for so choose wisely. Also go to the library and talk to the reference librarian. He/she can guide you to the career section, but ask them if they know of any networking groups. Again, in northern NJ, I would start with the Morris County Library. They have many groups that meet right in the library.

OK, you've built up your network. Keep in touch with them. You need to find the an insider to recommend you for an unadvertised opening. They are the best type.

Don't look to get hired, make them want you to work for them.

Now, I have ADD, worked for 4 companies in 3 years and looking for a new position. I do take my own advice, but all that was before I was dx with ADD. Now on Adderall XR I anticipate a much easier time moving into a new postion.

Anyone need a marketing manager?? (See I'm netoworking in this group.)


10-27-06, 01:47 PM
NickL, said..."

How do you get a new job with history of termination??? "....well, you might have to do a little lying on the good ole resume...leave a job out, extend other jobs(for instance I have a few computer companies that I have worked at that are no longer in busines, I said I have worked at some of these 2 years or more, which of course is not true, more like 8 months or less)...this is what I do. I have had about 15-20 jobs over the years and I leave about half out, and extend the others that I did farily well at, or were at close to a year or more. You don't want a 2 page or longer resume, so if your a job hopper, you HAVE to do a little "fibing".

10-27-06, 01:49 PM
btw, NickL30, I sorry to hear about your situation. I have been there MANY times! it really sucks to be stressed and worried about your job! I hope things get better for you. Damm corporations!