View Full Version : Fedora Core 6

10-28-06, 07:17 PM
Fedora Core 6 has been out a few days.

I installed it on a dual AMD opteron workstation with good results.

The x86_64 FC6 installer has a couple of annoying bugs.
If you try to install the extras package during the installation process, the install crashes. The workaround is to install extras later on.

The first time you reboot, x windows will not start and you will find yourself with a command line interface.

The fix is to remove the /tmp/X.0-lock file (try starting X by typing startx for instructions about this.). Once you remove the lock file X will start automatically the next time the machine reboots.

You need a graphics card with openGL support if you want the way cool 3-D desktop to work. This probably means an nVidia graphics card and the nVidia graphics driver installed (not the stock fedora driver) This is SO cool. It is a very nice toy for an ADDer to play with.

Overall FC6 is a bIg improvement over FC5, but the install software is annoyingly buggy (the OS seems okay). X runs faster, and is less buggy. The improved version of yum works a lot better than in the past, and it looks like they finally fixed the broken AMD power management code in the latest kernel.

Me :D